Binance Announces Ethereum Network (ETH) Wallet Maintenance

Joerg Hiller  May 28, 2024 18:40  UTC 10:40

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According to Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange will perform wallet maintenance for the Ethereum network (ETH) on 2024-05-29. The maintenance is scheduled to commence at 07:00 (UTC) and is expected to last approximately two hours.

Impact on Deposits and Withdrawals

To facilitate the wallet maintenance, Binance announced that deposits and withdrawals on the Ethereum network (ETH) will be temporarily suspended starting from 06:55 (UTC) on the same day. Operations will resume once the maintenance is complete and the network is deemed stable.

Trading Unaffected

It is important to highlight that the trading of ETH and other tokens on the Ethereum network will not be impacted during the maintenance period. Binance has assured users that all technical requirements involved in the maintenance will be handled by their team.

Key Points

  • The maintenance will start at 07:00 (UTC) on 2024-05-29 and is expected to last around two hours.
  • Deposits and withdrawals for ETH will be suspended from 06:55 (UTC).
  • Trading of ETH and other tokens on the network will not be impacted.
  • All technical requirements will be managed by Binance.
  • Deposits and withdrawals will resume once the network is stable without further announcements.

Users are advised to plan their transactions accordingly and to keep an eye on Binance’s official announcements for any updates. This maintenance is a part of Binance's ongoing commitment to providing a secure and reliable trading environment for its users.

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