Animoca Brands Announces Plan to Buy More EDU Tokens

Zach Anderson  May 24, 2024 11:17  UTC 03:17

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Animoca Brands Intent to Acquire More EDU Tokens

According to an official announcement from Animoca Brands, the company is planning to acquire additional EDU tokens from the open market. The intention to purchase more of these tokens signifies the company's continuous investment in the Open Campus, the world's first Web3 education protocol. The EDU token serves as the governance and utility token for this protocol.

Strong Backing for Open Campus

The Web3 education protocol, Open Campus, enjoys backing from various prominent organizations including Binance Labs, Sequoia China, and Animoca Brands itself. The support from these industry giants further validates the significance of the EDU token in the blockchain education sector.

The EDU Token's Role

As a governance and utility token within the Open Campus ecosystem, the EDU token plays a crucial role in decision-making and the overall functioning of the platform. The additional acquisition of these tokens by Animoca Brands not only strengthens their position within the ecosystem but also demonstrates their commitment to blockchain education.

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