Amun AG Obtained Approval from Swedish Regulator for ETP Offerings in EU

Drishti Bhagat  Dec 10, 2019 19:00  UTC 11:00

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A press release issued early December confirms the approval given to Amun AG for a Base Prospectus it has filed with Swedish finance regulator, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA). The regulatory approval has allowed the firm to promote its various exchange-traded products to retail clients within the EU. The president of Amun AG, Ophelia Snyder adds, 'We recognize that the regulatory framework in Sweden has been supportive of such initiatives and we welcome its deliberation.''


Furthermore, Snyder's belief is that "The combination of strong demand for ETPs in Sweden – especially in crypto assets – among private investors and institutional clients and our strong expertise in these product categories create ideal conditions for Amun's entry into the Swedish and European Union markets for ETPs." Equally, Cointelegraph reported, "Amun has played a crucial role in the expansion of Switzerland's crypto offerings both internationally and domestically."


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