Senator Michael Bennet Urges Tech Giants to Curb AI-Generated Misinformation

Terrill Dicki  Jun 30, 2023 19:09  UTC 11:09

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U.S. Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado has today called on leaders of prominent technology and artificial intelligence (AI) companies, including Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok, and OpenAI, to implement proactive strategies to combat the proliferation of misleading AI-generated content.

Bennet emphasized the need for identifying and labeling AI-generated content, highlighting the potential risks associated with the unchecked spread of misinformation. He stated, "Online misinformation and disinformation are not new. But the sophistication and scale of these tools have rapidly evolved and outpaced our existing safeguards."

The Senator pointed out several instances where AI-generated content caused market turmoil and political unrest. He also cited the testimony of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Altman identified the potential of AI to spread disinformation as a serious concern.

Bennet acknowledged the initial steps taken by technology companies to identify and label AI-generated content. However, he stressed that these measures are voluntary and can be easily bypassed. He proposed a framework for labeling AI-generated content and requested the companies to provide their identification and watermarking policies and standards.

The Senator concluded, "Continued inaction endangers our democracy. Generative AI can support new creative endeavors and produce astonishing content, but these benefits cannot come at the cost of corrupting our shared reality."

Bennet has been a strong advocate for digital regulation, youth online safety measures, and enhanced protections for emerging technologies. He recently introduced the Digital Platform Commission Act, the first legislation in Congress to create a dedicated federal agency for overseeing large technology companies and protecting consumers.

This move by Senator Bennet underscores the growing concern about the misuse of AI technology and the urgent need for regulatory measures to ensure its responsible use. It remains to be seen how the tech giants will respond to this call for action.

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