Haru Invest Provides Update on Current Situation Amidst Investigation into B&S Holdings

Zach Anderson  Jul 07, 2023 00:06  UTC 16:06

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Haru Invest, a prominent investment firm, has released an update regarding the ongoing investigation into B&S Holdings and its efforts to recover assets. The company has been fully cooperating with investigative authorities, although no specific details about the progress of the investigation have been disclosed yet.

The firm is also focusing on the recovery of assets under management, separate from B&S holdings. Haru Invest aims to minimize losses and expects to recover these assets within a few weeks. In addition, the company is preparing a list of potential salable assets, with the goal of minimizing value loss during the sale process. This process is expected to take some time, and the company is considering selling its assets in phases.

Haru Invest is also working on organizing a database to clearly identify the credits and debts of its users. Once the amount of losses is confirmed and the asset distribution plan is finalized, the company plans to distribute the assets in phases. However, due to limited information on the exact amount of losses, the firm has not provided a specific timeline for this distribution.

The company has committed to providing weekly updates to its members, even if there are no major updates on the current situation. Haru Invest has also reassured its users that their legal rights will be equally protected, regardless of whether they belong to a class-action lawsuit group or not.

Haru Invest's CEO, Hugo Lee, expressed his deepest regret for the inconvenience caused to investors and affirmed the company's commitment to improving the situation.

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