The stock market is where you can buy, sell, and trade stocks any business day. It's also called a stock exchange.

Stocks allow you to own a share of a public corporation. The stock price is based on the corporation's earnings. If the company does well, or even if everyone thinks the company is going to do well, the stock price goes up. Stocks also rise when the economy does well. Many companies also give a dividend payment each year to the stockholders, which provides extra value.

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Coinbase Reportedly Planning to Go Public This Year—Paving the Way for the Next Phase of Crypto Adoption
According to sources, Coinbase has started planning for a stock market listing this year, which would make it the first major US cryptocurrency exchange to go public.
Majority of China's Tech Startups Are Exploring Blockchain Technology, Report Reveals
South China Morning Post's Report shows Chinese firms are growing in the adoption and integration of blockchain technology
Bitcoin Could Follow S&P 500’s Potential Fall After Slight Bullish Trend from US Employment Report
Bitcoin showed signs of a slight bullish uptick in its first session in July and maintained a short-term positive correlation with the S&5 500. Bitcoin and stocks investors are waiting for the next big decision that could drive a new rally—whether or not the Federal Reserve would expand its stimulus operation before it expires in July.
Bitcoin Should Benefit from the US Dollar Crash, says Top Economist Stephen Roach
Stephen Roach, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley’s Asia division and Yale University senior fellow said that cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin should benefit from the US dollar’s decline.
Bitcoin Price Drops Below $9K as Stock Markets Erase Gains Amid Incoming Second Wave of COVID-19 Cases
Bitcoin price is currently hitting its lowest levels in around 3 weeks, as stocks are rumored to anticipate an incoming crash. Bitcoin (BTC) dipped below the $9,000 on June 15 and continued to hover above $9,000 shortly after.
US Stocks, Oil, and Bitcoin Price Plunge, Hinting Second Wave of Coronavirus Cases
Stocks, oil, and Bitcoin price have been plunging, as the market has been concerned about a possible second wave of coronavirus cases as lockdowns have been easing in certain states in the US.
Bloomberg Predicts Bitcoin Price to Surge Past $20,000 in 2020, Doubling Last Year’s High
Bloomberg predicted in its recent report that Bitcoin’s price in 2020 could reach double of last year’s high of $14,000. It further suggested that adoption is the primary Bitcoin metric, and Bloomberg takes a positive outlook on this end. Bitcoin’s price has seen a 60% decline in 2014, and at the end of 2016, Bitcoin matched the peak in 2013. If Bitcoin chooses to follow the same trend as 2016, with a 75% decline in 2018, Bitcoin is headed towards $20,000, according to Bloomberg.
Billionaires and Bitcoin: Stan Druckenmiller’s Alarming Warning on Stocks While Paul Tudor Jones Remains Bullish on Bitcoin
Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller said during a webcast held by The Economic Club of New York that the risk-reward calculation for equities is the worst he has ever seen in his career. The billionaire expressed his doubts about the US equities’ possibility of logging a V-shaped recovery. He added that government stimulus programs will not be enough for the economic recovery post-pandemic. Druckenmiller believes that cash liquidity required to pump assets that are considered risky will shrink shortly as the US Treasury will soon end the private economy which could overwhelm the Fed purchases through borrowing consistently.
Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Looks to Buy Bitcoin as A Portfolio Hedge Against Inflation – Here's Why
According to Bloomberg's report on Thursday, billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is buying Bitcoin to hedge against inflation as central banks across the world print money to relieve economies affected by coronavirus pandemic. Tudor is one of Wall Street’s most seasoned and successful hedge fund managers. He is the CEO and founder of Tudor Investment Corp, which is a hedge fund company that managed $8.4 billion as of March 30, based on data from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).
Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead Predicts Bitcoin Price Rebound Despite Slow Economic Recovery
In an investor letter, Dan Morehead Pantera Capital CEO explained why the current market environment could be a boom for Bitcoin as investors seek new opportunities.

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