Tron is for decentralizing the web. The official website describes Tron as "one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world." The Founder and CEO of TRON is Justin Sun, a quite controversial figure. Tron coin is known as TRX.

Samsung Plans to Develop Top-Notch Metaverse Devices to Foster Accessibility
Samsung Electronics has revealed plans to make the metaverse more accessible by developing innovative devices as it sees it as a new business model.
Coinbase Will Not Bar Russian Users Unless New Laws Requires: CEO Brian Armstrong
Coinbase CEO says the exchange will not ban Russian users, citing the fact that many citizens are not supportive of the decision of their president to go to war against Ukraine.
Bitcoin Supply is Moving to Strong Hands amid BTC On-Chain Analysis Going Mainstream
The current Bitcoin correction has not dampened the spirits of strong hands, investors who hold for future purposes because they are accumulating more coins.
Bitcoin is Moving to Strong Hands as Small Holders are Proving to be a Rising Force
On-chain analyst Will Clemente believes that Bitcoin is moving to strong hands given that its supply shock is at levels witnessed at the $50-$60K range.
Tron's Justin Sun Acquires 4145 BTC for $152.8M
Justin Sun has acquired 4145 Bitcoin with $152,818,183 at an average price of $36,868.
Tron Foundation Launches its "Just NFT Fund"
The Tron Foundation has launched its" Just NFT Fund" to help bridge the gap between artists and the NFT metaverse.
TRON Welcomes NFT Collectors into the MegaCryptoPolis Metaverse
It’s no secret that TRON has been eyeing a foray into NFTs and digital collectibles for some time; only last week, Justin Sun was pipped to the punch to purchase Beeple’s NFT art collection at Christie’s. The TRON founder placed a last-minute bid that fell just short of the $69 million the work eventually went for.
Tron's Total Active Accounts Surpass 25 Million, Is TRX Undervalued?
Tron has attained a huge milestone with the total number of accounts on the protocol surpassing 25 million.
Tron CEO Justin Sun Denies Allegations of Third-Party Celebrity Promotions of TRX Cryptocurrency
Tron Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Justin Sun has come forward publicly to address the allegations that he paid celebrities to promote Tron.
US Lawmakers Question Tron Founder Justin Sun and DLive CEO on Extremist Content Following Capitol Riots
Two U.S. lawmakers have questioned Tron founder Justin Sun and DLive CEO Charles Wayn in the wake of the Capital riots—asking them how they moderate extremist content.

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