Robinhood claims to be a pioneer of commission-free investing that gives you more ways to make your money work harder.

Robinhood Acquires Cross Crypto Exchange Trading Platform Cove Markets
Robinhood announced the acquisition of Cove Markets, a cross-exchange trading platform, joining Robinhood crypto.
Robinhood Taps Chainalysis to Enhance Crypto Compliance
Robinhood has announced to pair with Chianalysis by getting compliance tools to enhance its crypto trading app ahead of the rollout of its crypto wallet.
Around 1.6 Million Users Now on Robinhood's Crypto Wallet Waitlist
Robinhood Markets announced that 1.6 million people are on the waitlist for its cryptocurrency wallet; the figure is up from 1 million just a few weeks ago.
Burger King Offers Free Crypto Rewards via New Chain’s App
Through a partnership with RobinHood, Fast food chain enterprise Burger King has launched a new free crypto reward program to its customers.
Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Purchases $79.4M of Robinhood Shares after Crypto Price Fall
Bitcoin and crypto believer Cathie Wood’s fund has bought approximately $79.4 million of Robinhood shares (approx. 2.29 million shares).
Shiba Inu Rises 13% as Robinhood Petition Passes 300,000
Shiba Inu rose 13% following an uproar for Robinhood Markets Inc to add the token to its platform. The token has gained more than 40 million % over the past year.
Robinhood's Crypto Revenue Collapse, Records 78% Decrease in Q3
Robinhood Markets Inc’s crypto trading revenue has been staggering. Its crypto revenue totalled $233 million in Q2 and $51 million in Q3, marking a 78% decrease compared to the previous quarter.
Robinhood to Plan Testing Cryptocurrency Wallets, Speeding up Crypto Territory Escalation
Robinhood Markets is extending its reach in the growing cryptocurrency market and now plans to test its cryptocurrency wallets. The so-called crypto wallets will give customers more ability to own and spend crypto coins.
Robinhood Silently to Test Crypto Wallets & Crypto Transfer Functions
According to a Bloomberg report, Zero-commission financial trading platform Robinhood is low-profile testing new crypto wallet features for its customers, which will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies.
Robinhood Introduces Cryptocurrency Recurring Investments
Robinhood has introduced a new feature that allows its crypto users to automatically acquire as little as a $1 worth of cryptocurrency of their choice on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

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