Robinhood claims to be a pioneer of commission-free investing that gives you more ways to make your money work harder.

Robinhood Introduces Cryptocurrency Recurring Investments
Robinhood has introduced a new feature that allows its crypto users to automatically acquire as little as a $1 worth of cryptocurrency of their choice on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.
Zero-commission Trading Platform Robinhood is Valued at $32B amid IPO Prices at $38 per Share
The popular stock and cryptocurrency platform Robinhood's IPO is valued at $38 per share at the low end of the previously estimated price range of $38-$42. The company's market value is up to $32 billion.
Robinhood Explores New Feature to Protect Investors from Crypto Fluctuations
Zero-commission financial trading platform Robinhood is exploring a new feature designed to protect investors from price fluctuations during the process of investing in cryptocurrency trading.
Robinhood Warns About Potential for Significant Decline in Retail Trading, Particularly in Crypto Business
Expecting to conduct IPO next week, Robinhood warns its revenues in Q3 ending in September to be lower compared to Q2 ended in June.
Robinhood Files for US IPO, Says Crypto Transactions Accounts for 17% of Revenue
Robinhood has filed for a public listing, and crypto has a prominent feature on the platform's business.
Chinese Robinhood Futu & Tiger Brokers To Expand Crypto Trading Abroad
Two Chinese online brokerages Futu and Tiger Brokers reportedly intend to expand their business into the crypto trading market abroad against stock competitors app, like U.S-based Robinhood.
Robinhood to Roll Out New Features for Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as GameStop Hearing Looms
Robinhood announced its intention to implement cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.
Robinhood Compromised as Dark Web Hackers Allegedly Hold More Than 10K Login Keys
More than 10,000 Robinhood trading accounts have allegedly been hacked, and despite customer complaints, it appears as though the firm has been slow to act.
eToro Plans to Launch Debit Card in UK Ahead of Robinhood
As US-based investment app Robinhood delays its launch in UK indefinitely, eToro has revealed that it is planning to launch its debit cards for UK customers.
Jul 23 Trading Analysis: If only Robinhood has ETH listed
Trade strategy: Buy out of the money BTC and ETH calls; BTC 10 to 10.5k calls and ETH 300 to 350 calls for the next few weeks. Let's not get ahead of ourselves; whether we actually FOMO and chase, we will have to monitor for continued "recycled capital" and hopefully fresh inflows to keep the MoMo going,,,,,

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