Jack Dorsey is CEO of Twitter and payment company Square. He is an advocate of bitcoin.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Endorses Bitcoin in a Subtle Way
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg named one of his goats after Bitcoin, causing some to speculate on whether the tech mogul holds a position with the cryptocurrency.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Intends to Donate Proceeds from Tweet NFT to Africa Relief Charity
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has capitalized on the non-fungible token (NFT) hype that has been going around.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Expresses Passion for Bitcoin in Thread Justifying Twitter Ban of President Trump
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained Twitter’s decision to ban President Donald Trump following last week’s attack on the Capitol, expressing his passion for decentralized Bitcoin.
Square’s Cash App Q3 Report Attributes 80% of $2 Billion Revenue to Bitcoin
Square’s Cash App Q3 report shows that Bitcoin has overtaken all other revenue sources and accounts for 80% of its entire $2 billion third-quarter revenue.
Square Wants Less Technical User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Wallets
Square Crypto, the cryptocurrency arm of the online payment service provider Square Inc is set to fund the development of crypto wallets with enhanced UX.
Trump Outraged: Jack Dorsey Faces Senate Subpoena After Twitter Blocks Biden Ukraine Scandal
CEO Jack Dorsey is to testify about the recent incident where Twitter blocked a NY Post news disclosing sensitive information on Joe Biden's scandal in Ukraine.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Supports Nigerian Protest Against Police Brutality With Bitcoin Donations
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has supported Nigeria's EndSars campaign against police brutality with an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin (BTC), asks public for further donations.
Public Companies Now Hold Almost $7 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin
At the time of writing, there is almost $7 billion of Bitcoin currently held by 13 publicly listed companies, notably MicroStrategy, Square, Galaxy Digital and Grayscale.
Square's $50 Million in Bitcoin is Better for Crypto than MicroStrategy's $425 Million BTC Investment
While Square’s investment is significantly smaller than MicroStrategy’s, the effects could be significantly greater for Bitcoin’s visibility and maturity in the mainstream markets.
Square Announces Its Purchase of 4,709 Bitcoins for $50 Million
Square, with Jack Dorsey as the CEO, announces it has purchased 4,709 bitcoins for $50 million.

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