Internet of Things (IoT) is where all things are connected and their are changeable. "Things" typically refers to electronic devices that has capabilities to sensor and connect, like wearable, computers. Why IoT matters? IoT makes the world smarter. With IoT, we can have smart city, smart grid, smart water,etc. It is actually through its capabilities of sending, receiving and (or) processing data, bringing more timely valuable data and insights. The market size prediction What problems are IoT facing?

IOTA Announces Chrysalis Phase 2 Public Testnet is Now Live
IOTA’s network upgrade, Chrysalis has recently launched its public testnet. Chrysalis, also known as IOTA 1.5, is IOTA’s intermediate stage.
Core Scientific Partners with Foundry in Financing Deal up to $23 Million
The financing from Foundry will enable Core Scientific and its clients to continue shifting global mining operations to North America
IOTA Looks into “Data Sharding” to Increase Storage on Tangle in Progress for Nectar
IOTA recently published a December update, announcing its progress for its remaining elements for the delivery of IOTA 2.0, Nectar.
IOTA Introduces a New Database for the Release of an Updated Version of Pollen Testnet, V0.3.2
IOTA recently announced the release of a new version of its Pollen testnet, v0.3.2. What's new with this version of Pollen?
IOTA Co-Founder: DLT is Ideal for Smart Infrastructure in the United States
As the world is moving on to the 21st century, there is growing interest in upgrading city systems, which would require new technology as a solution.
IOTA Works Towards Chrysalis Upgrade, MIOTA Price Predictions are High
The IOTA 1.5 network upgrade, also known as Chrysalis is quickly approaching, with IOTA’s new wallet, Firefly introduced last week.
IOTA’s Next Generation Wallet—Firefly: What New Features to Expect
Firefly, the new wallet comes with a range of improvements that will transform IOTA into an enterprise-ready protocol.
IOTA Launches Austria State-Backed Christian Doppler Laboratory for Blockchain Research
The IOTA Foundation is joining the new research laboratory for blockchain technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) as an industrial partner.
Can Blockchain Strengthen the Internet of Things (IoT)?
IoT and Blockchain are two disruptive technologies leveraged for numerous technological innovations across multiple industries, but how do they complement each other?
Nasdaq-Listed Riot Blockchain Posts a Profitable Third Quarter
Riot Blockchain Inc, one of the few blockchain companies to be listed on the Nasdaq has posted yet a profitable third quarter performance.

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