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Brazilian Crypto Firm 2TM Acquires Controlling Stake Over Portuguese CriptoLoja
Softbank-backed Brazilian firm 2TM announced the company would acquire a controlling stake in Lisbon-based crypto exchange CriptoLoja.

Soccer NFT Trading Platform Sorare to Complete the Largest Round of Financing in French Tech with $530M
Football start-up NFT platform Sorare reportedly will raise 450 million euros in the financing, led by SoftBank.

Japan’s SoftBank leads $200 million investment in Brazil’s Mercado Bitcoin
Japan SoftBank recently invested $200 million into the Mercado Bitcoin crypto exchange in Brazil, which is considered the largest raised through a Series B funding round in Latin America’s history.

Ethereum’s Daily Transaction Volume is Going Parabolic Surpassing Bitcoin by $3 Billion
Ethereum's daily transaction volume is going parabolic. It now settles $12 billion in transactions daily - $3 billion more than Bitcoin.

SoftBank CEO Does Not Understand Bitcoin Despite $200 Million Investment in BTC
After investing about $200 million in Bitcoin, SoftBank's CEO, Masayoshi Son reveals he does not understand Bitcoin.

Over 30 Japanese Firms to Conduct Digital Yen Pilot Test
Major Japanese companies from various sectors will collaborate to engage in a pilot test to issue a private digital currency or Digital Yen.

Sep 08 Trading Analysis: Be Long in the face of adversity...
I'm actually thinking that it could be a great opportunity to start accumulating BTC or ETH at these levels. Check these out:

Blockchain and IoT: Transforming Hong Kong into a Smart City
Blockchain and IoT: Transforming Hong Kong into a Smart City

Ping An of China’s Blockchain Unit Chooses US over Hong Kong for IPO
Chinese insurance giant, Ping An Insurance’s financial technology arm, OneConnect is leaning towards choosing New York over Hong Kong for its initial public offering (IPO) this year in mid-November.