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There Would Be No Bull Market If There Was No Bear Market...
Daily commentary on the crypto market and trading advice from Eugene Ng of Matrixport, a veteran trader with 10 years of experience in top-tier global investment banks.

Why Energy Experts are Watching the Crypto Market Closely
Words like Bitcoin and Oil Market seem to have no correlation between them. However, given the kind of small world we are living in, there's more than meets the eye. Check out this article which explains the perfect correlation between Bitcoin and Oil Market and why energy experts are keeping a close watch on the crypto market.

Why Bitcoin Doesn’t Feel Like a Bull Market
Why does everybody still act like bitcoin is in a bear market?

Allied Market Research: Blockchain Integration into the Global Retail Market to Garner $11 Billion by 2026
Allied Market Research, a global market research and business firm, has reported that the incorporation of blockchain into the global retail market will garner $11.18 billion by 2026 from $83 million recorded in 2018.

Crypto Price Index Predicted to Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Market
The Crypto Price Index (CPI) is touted to be an ideal crypto market indicator which will include over 200 of the top traded cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Expressly, it is expected to function like the Dow Jones Industrial Average by offering insights about the trading history of the major blockchain projects.

Digital Assets Market Update 12 August 2019
Latest news and updates from the digital assets market

Bitcoin Whales are Controlling the Market
Bitcoin whales are reckoning forces in crypto exchanges. Therefore, their dominance is being felt in the crypto market because of their massive liquidity.