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Bitcoin Jesus is the nickname of Roger Ver, early investor of bitcoin and founder of

Exclusive: Who Should Be the "Bitcoin Cash Jesus"?
In the second half of our interview, ‘Bitcoin Jesus” revealed his “Bitcoin Cash Jesus” who made remarkable contribution to BCH development! He also shared his insights on the recent widespread delisting of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).

Exclusive: Bitcoin Cash: The Best Crypto to Promote Economic Freedom?
Why economic freedom is so important to the modern society? Spoken at the keynote of Block Live Asia 2019, Roger Ver (a.k.a. Bitcoin Jesus) shared his views on the latest development of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). We have the privilege to speak with Roger, which he revealed the latest privacy features on BCH! He also explained why BCH is the best cryptocurrency to promote economic freedom in the world in the first half of our interview.

Liquid Network: The Platform for the Fastest Bitcoin Transactions?
Samson Mow is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist who is currently serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream. In Part 2 of the interview, Samson unmasked the power behind Liquid Network, how Liquid transactions work and c-lightning on Liquid. He also shared the latest initiatives of Blockstream and his personal take of Bitcoin in 2020.

(White paper) Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
bitcoin whitepaper

Blockstream Samson Mow on Scalability: Bitcoins are Tanks while Altcoins are Bicycles
Towards the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market was in a state of delirium. Bitcoin set record price after record price and reached a peak of around $20,000 USD per token. During this market frenzy, a huge issue long-suspected by educated developers was finally revealed—the bitcoin network had become overloaded and was running against the limits of its capacity, unable to scale beyond seven transactions per second.

"CoinJoin: Bitcoin Privacy for the Real World"
CoinJoin: Bitcoin privacy for the real world discusses the pros and cons for Bitcoin for real world applications. It also discusses the technical aspect of Bitcoin and how it can affect privacy in real world use cases.

Chinese Proposed Mining Ban: Death of Bitcoin Mining?
Chinese Proposed Mining Ban: The Death of Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Access in East Africa Boosted by Paxful
Paxful a Bitcoin peer-to-peer platform seeks to propel Bitcoin Access in East Africa by educating the populace about Bitcoin and peer-to-peer financing.

CME Group Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Pullback in Prices
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group recently stated that customer interest in CME Bitcoin futures remained bullish in Q3 2019 despite the Bitcoin price pullback.

Corporate Traveller: Travel Expenses Made Easy in Bitcoin!
Corporate Traveller: Travel Expenses Made Easy in Bitcoin!

Nine Bitcoin Twitter Accounts That Deserve Your Attention
Nine Bitcoin Twitter accounts that deserve to be followed.

Litecoin vs Bitcoin: Understanding Litecoin by Comparison with Bitcoin
Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee on Oct. 7, 2011, with its codebase is a fork from Bitcoin. In contrary from hard fork and soft fork, this type "fork" doesn't share the transaction history of Bitcoin and it had its own transactions beginning from its genesis block.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Altering its Ecosystem
Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees entail the amount charged for your proceedings to be handled by a miner and approved by the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits New Record High
The hash rate of Bitcoin (BTC) hits a new breaking record, as revealed by the statistics of

Singapore’s Central Bank Raises Alarm About a Bitcoin Scam
Singapore’s Central Bank enlightens the public about a Bitcoin Scam with a supposed initiative known as Bitcoin Loophole where investors’ trades are run.

Bitcoin Whales are Controlling the Market
Bitcoin whales are reckoning forces in crypto exchanges. Therefore, their dominance is being felt in the crypto market because of their massive liquidity.

Significant Bitcoin Price Fall is Expected as CME Bitcoin Futures Settle Ahead of the Weekend
Wall Street’s institutional interest in cryptocurrency has been reflected by CME’s futures contracts on Bitcoin, as it can only be traded by institutional investors and professionals.

Dubai-Based Property Developer Introduces Bitcoin Payment for Home Buyers
Ellington Properties, a Dubai-based developer, has chosen Bitcoin Suisse (BTCS) as its ideal crypto brokerage provider to facilitate Bitcoin payment for its international customers.

What Are The Key Takeaways from Block Live Asia?
What Are The Key Takeaways from Block Live Asia? The Block Live Asia in Singapore was a great success! Held in Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 18 – 19 April, the event gathered over hundreds of crypto professionals on the latest blockchain development and the emergence of initial exchange offerings (IEO).

Bakkt Opens Long-Awaited Bitcoin Warehouse For Deposit and Withdrawal
Bakkt has finally announced the launch of its long-awaited for the withdrawal and deposit of Bitcoin, Bakkt had said in its announcement that it's potential clients are customers who are willing to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin.

Could Bitcoin and Blockchain Be Affected by the Coronavirus?
Blockchain, Bitcoin and Viruses. What can we expect?

CME’s Bitcoin Futures Keep Breaking Record Highs!
Bitcoin (BTC) Futures reached a breaking record of $1.7 billion in notional value traded in Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) on 26 June, as revealed in CME’s twitter on 28 June.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Reaches Peak Amidst Price Fluctuations
The benchmark responsible for the level of confidence that miners have in the Bitcoin network has been seen to reach its all-time high on Thursday.

Swiss SIX Exchange Launches Bitcoin and Ether Exchange-Traded Product
Fintech firm, Amun and crypto custodian Bitcoin Suisse and announced today of the launch of its Swiss Franc denominated Amun Bitcoin Suisse BTC/ETH exchange-traded product (ETP). This ETP, a combination of Bitcoin and Ether, has gone live on the Swiss stock exchange, SIX.

Weekly Market Snapshot - April 29,2019
Blockchain.News - Market Update - April 29,2019 Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!