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Spotify removes AI-generated music
Spotify has removed 7% of AI-generated music created by Boomy due to fraudulent streaming activities. Universal Music Group had alerted Spotify of suspicious streaming activity on Boomy tracks. The removal of the songs was due to suspected artificial streaming by bots posing as listeners. Music industry giants like UMG are fighting to control AI, while some artists like Grimes are championing its use.

Tencent Cloud Launches Deepfake Generator
Tencent Cloud, the cloud services arm of Tencent, has launched a deepfake generator that uses three-minute video clips and 100 voice sentences to create convincing digital humans. The service can create deepfakes in Chinese and English and costs $145.

EU Drafts AI Bill to Address Copyright Concerns
The European Union has passed a draft bill that will classify AI tools according to their risk level and impose stricter transparency procedures for high-risk tools. The bill is part of the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act and aims to address concerns around the use of copyrighted materials in AI training.

EU to Regulate AI Use of Copyrighted Material
The European Union has passed a draft bill to regulate AI use of copyrighted materials. AI tools will be classified according to their risk level, with high-risk tools subjected to stricter transparency procedures. The bill is part of the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act and aims to strike a balance between protecting citizens and fostering innovation.

Bitget Pledges $10 Million for Ecosystem
Bitget, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has pledged $10 million towards the development of the ecosystem. provides infrastructure for autonomous services and features an AI agent network and smart wallet.

UK to Invest in AI Task Force
UK officials announced the allocation of £100 million in funding to support an AI task force to accelerate the country's readiness for AI adoption. The task force will prioritize public services and will aim to ensure safe and reliable foundation models for AI use.

Google Merges Teams to Form Google Deepmind for AI Breakthroughs
Google merges its Brain team with DeepMind to create Google DeepMind, a new business unit dedicated to developing AI in a safe and responsible manner. The team aims to accelerate progress in AI breakthroughs and products, with Chief Scientist Jeff Dean leading the development of powerful, multimodal AI models.

European Commission Launches Research Unit to Investigate Algorithms Used by Big Tech
The European Commission has launched a new research unit called the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) to investigate the impact of algorithms used by prominent online platforms and search engines such as Facebook and Google. The team will analyze and evaluate the AI-backed algorithms used by Big Tech firms to identify and address any potential risks posed by these platforms.

Elon Musk Warns of AI Destructive Potential
Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has voiced his concerns over the potential for artificial intelligence to destroy civilization. Despite Musk’s plan to create a new AI startup, he acknowledges the dangers of the technology falling into the wrong hands or being developed with ill intentions.

Elon Musk Warns of AI’s Destructive Potential
Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has voiced his concerns over the potential for artificial intelligence to destroy civilization. Despite Musk’s plan to create a new AI startup, he acknowledges the dangers of the technology falling into the wrong hands or being developed with ill intentions.

Elon Musk Warns of AI’s Destructive Potential
Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has voiced his concerns over the potential for artificial intelligence to destroy civilization. Despite Musk’s plan to create a new AI startup, he acknowledges the dangers of the technology falling into the wrong hands or being developed with ill intentions.

Biden urges technology firms to prioritize safety in AI development
US President Joe Biden has called for technology companies to prioritize safety when developing and releasing artificial intelligence (AI) products. He acknowledged the potential benefits of AI in addressing global issues, but emphasized the need to address risks to society, national security, and the economy. Biden also urged Congress to approve non-partisan privacy laws that prioritize health and safety in product development.

GPT-4 AI Chatbot Scores High on Tests
The latest version of AI chatbot GPT-4 has achieved high scores on high school and law school tests, including the LSAT and Uniform Bar Exam. GPT-4 also scored well on SAT and AP exams in various subjects.

Bybit Rolls Out Grid Bot for Automated, Seamless Futures Trading
Crypto exchange Bybit has launched a new trading bot for seamless and automated trading to tame price volatility and risk associated with futures trading.

Demand for Blockchain and AI Expected to Push Market Value to $980.7M by 2030: Report
Since blockchain and artificial intelligence are among the greatest technological innovations, their demand is expected to make the market value soar to $980.7 million by 2030, a study suggests.

West Ham United Inks Deal with, Harnessing the Power of AI & Blockchain
As an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based blockchain platform, will improve business and day-to-day activities at West Ham United.

How Blockchain Is Creating 5 Fintech Disruption Opportunities
Fintech blockchain acquisition is not only about testing and watching. It’s also about proactively taking action and applying the technology.

Blockchain Transactions Affirm Suspicious Levels of RaaS Interconnectedness
Blockchain transactions confirm the interconnection between four prominent ransomware strains. A good sign for law enforcement to deter illicit money transfers.

Indian Government Deploys Blockchain and AI to Enhance Supply Chain
The Indian government has deployed high-end technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in its public procurement portal (GeM) to enhance trade.

Director of National Intelligence Warns US SEC of China’s Cryptocurrency Dominance
National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe has warned the US Securities and Exchange Commission that China’s cryptocurrency dominance could put the US at a disadvantage.

South Korean Hospitals to Usher in New Healthcare Era Using Blockchain Technology, AI and Big Data
South Korean hospitals intend to set the ball rolling in ushering in a new healthcare era using industry 4.0 technology like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data.

IOTA Foundation Partners with the Japanese Government to Create Digital Infrastructure with DLT and AI
The IOTA Foundation, announced its partnership with a Japanese national agency to strengthen the security of the critical infrastructure in the country.

China Plans to Thwart Procedural Violations in the Police Force and Courtrooms with Blockchain
China has laid plans to use a new automated system powered by blockchain and other technologies to propel surveillance of its judges and police officers.

US National Lab Computer Scientists Deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Thwart Illegal Crypto Mining
Los Alamos National Laboratory has created an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of identifying malicious codes that mine cryptos such as Bitcoin.

Blockchain and AI: The Delicate Balance Between Two Cyber Titans
Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. A technological duality with immense potential to disrupt and create a new order. But is mankind playing with fire?

Spanish Researchers Deploy AI and Blockchain-Powered App to Tame COVID-19
At least 100 Spanish researchers from the University of Salamanca, the Artificial Intelligent Research Institute, and the Institute of Biomedical Research of Salamanca have joined hands to design an AI and blockchain-based app to picture the evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Their objective is flattening this pandemic’s curve as it has wreaked havoc across the globe.

China’s Blockchain and FinTech Sector to Brace for 'Capital Winter' Even After the Coronavirus Pandemic Subsides
Investment activity in China’s tech sector has seen a massive drop in the past four months since the coronavirus outbreak has emerged from the city of Wuhan. The venture capital market has been suffering a tremendous impact on its existing drop in activity.

Blockchain Monitor Launched to Track Coronavirus-Free Safe Zones to Protect the Non-Infected Community During Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has currently reached countless countries and territories all over the world and has caused over 220,000 infections in the world population. With the global death rate climbing and almost reaching 9,000, the World Health Organization declared it as a pandemic on March 11.

Blockchain and the Wheel of Fate: The Role of Blockchain Technology in Disease Surveillance and Pandemic Prevention
Pandemics are an inescapable fact of life on Earth. They have happened before, and we are on the verge of experiencing the latest such event through the relentless spread of the coronavirus. How can blockchain technology help to contain pandemics?

Dr. Ben Goertzel—Striving towards an Autonomous Decentralized and Compassionate Artificial Super Intelligence
Dr Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET a blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence marketplace project. He has described the project as a medium for the creation and the emergence of the global super brain–an autonomous decentralized democratically governed artificial super intelligent network that must be biased toward compassion for the betterment of humanity.

TBZ Eyes Blockchain for Jewellery Validation
TBZ (Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri), a famed jewellery brand in India, is eyeing technological innovations, such as blockchain, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence (AI), to authenticate its jewellery.

SingularityNET Announces the Successful Integration of PayPal Payments in its Decentralized Beta Marketplace
The SingularityNET Foundation, the leader in decentralized AI technology, announces today the successful integration of PayPal payments into their blockchain-based artificial intelligence marketplace.

China Looking into the Application of Blockchain and AI for Cross-Border Financing
China is researching the application of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in cross-border financing, focusing on risk management.

Artificial Intelligence Might Help Eradicate Fake Cryptocurrency News
Deepfakes may jeopardize the future because they might make fake news to blend seamlessly into our daily lives. As a result, people’s actions and viewpoints might be substantially influenced, especially in the crypto space.

eToro’s AI Copy Portfolio Trades on Sentiment
The eToro trading platform launched its latest user copy portfolio on Tuesday, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that trades on the sentiments of 850,000,000 daily tweets.

OpenAI’s Robotic Hand Can Now Solve a Rubik’s Cube One-Handed
OpenAI, the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research organization, has hit a new milestone this week.

Axon Explores Blockchain to Fight Body-Cam Deepfake Videos
Axon Enterprise Inc, a leading manufacturer of body-cams for United States law enforcement agencies has produced new cameras enhanced with blockchain technology in an attempt to thwart ‘deepfake’ videos.

Alibaba Unveils Its First Home-Grown AI Chip
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba unveiled its first artificial intelligence inference chip on Wednesday, a move which could further invigorate its already rip-roaring cloud computing business.

Cisco Partners with SingularityNET to Decentralize Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain
Tech conglomerate Cisco and decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) firm SingularityNET have reached a partnership to develop a decentralized Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) project. The ambitious project aims to create more advanced AI technologies that will soon be able to exceed human abilities to learn and perform new tasks.

US FDA Calls Meeting on Blockchain, AI and the New Era of Smarter Food Safety
The FDA will hold a meeting on October 21st, with the aim of gathering input and feedback to help shape an FDA blueprint for the initiative. The FDA will propose leveraging modern technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT to improve the transparency and decrease the risks of contamination in the food supply chain.

Exclusive: Blockchain at the Stage of Tech Convergence
How does Deloitte Blockchain Lab envision the future of blockchain? Dr. Paul Sin believed that blockchain is at the stage of technology convergence with IoT, big data and artificial intelligence! He also explained the 3 challenges for enterprises to implement their own blockchain and various blockchain auditing services offered by Deloitte.

Exclusive: Talent Shortage is The Key Pain Point in the AI Industry
Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging fintech trends in Hong Kong. While there are some great minds and AI companies in Hong Kong, they can’t survive without sufficient funding and technical support from government and industry leaders. We had the opportunity to invite Timothy Leung, Executive Director of HKAI Lab, to share his thoughts on how HKAI Lab facilitates the growth of AI ecosystem in Hong Kong. He also identified talent shortage is the key pain point in AI industry which hinders integration of AI and blockchain.