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High Risk Crypto Activity on The Rise in Eastern Europe Amid Russia-Ukraine War - Chainalysis
Illicit cryptocurrency activities have increased in the region driven by economic sanctions.

Pro-Russian Group Raises $400K in Crypto to Support Russian Military Actions
Pro-Russian groups are raising funds through cryptocurrencies to support Russian military operations as the Russian-Ukrainian war continues.

Ukrainian Retailer VARUS Partners with Binance Pay to Launch Crypto Payments
On September 16, Binance announced on its official Twitter that it has cooperated with Ukrainian food chain retailer VARUS to launch cryptocurrency payments.

Russian Finance Ministry on Track to Legalize Crypto for Cross-Border Payments
The current economic landscape in Russia is forcing both the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance to rethink their approaches to cryptocurrencies.

UK Requests Crypto Exchanges to Report Suspected Sanction Breaches
The UK authorities have introduced the new rules in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The regulations cover all valuable digital assets.

Russian PM Considers Digital Assets for Cross Border Payment
Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of Russia, has hinted at the need to incorporate digital assets into the country’s economy as a way to ensure sustainable payment for goods and services in international trade.

Ukraine Ranks Second of Crypto Adopters following Legalization: Report
Eastern European nation Ukraine has been ranked as the second nation with the overall adoption of digital currencies, following only the US in a recent survey report released by Merchant Machine.

AI-Generated NFT Collection to Preserve Ukrainian Art and Offer Humanitarian Support
Through a global coalition of advocates, digital innovators, artists, and educators, an AI-generated NFT collection has been established to conserve Ukrainian art and raise funds for humanitarian aid.

Binance Launches Refugee Crypto Card for Displaced Ukrainians
Binance said that it has launched the Binance Refugee Crypto Card for Binance users from Ukraine who were forced to move to the European Economic Area countries due to the ongoing war with Russia.

Ukraine Government Restricts Crypto Purchases Using Local Currency
Ukraine has restricted crypto purchases in an attempt to stabilize markets as the country faces a crisis derived from the ongoing war.

10,000 Ukrainian Flags Minted as NFTs to be Sold on The Sandbox
In a recent move, up to 10,000 Ukrainian flags, modelled as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are up for sale on the Mauer website.

Ukraine Launches ‘NFT Museum’ to Remember the War and Raise Funds
Ukraine is leveraging blockchain technology to keep the memory of war and celebrate Ukrainian freedom and identity.

BlackRock CEO Believes Russia-Ukraine War in Boosting Crypto Adoption
BlackRock Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink commented on the role of digital currencies in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Fink believes countries would be more active to embrace crypto.

Cryptoassets Use in Ukraine War under Scrutiny by Global Regulators: Reuters
The use of crypto assets is being closely watched by global financial regulators amid the war in Ukraine after worry about its use to evade Western sanctions on Russia, according to Reuters.

Ukraine’s Largest Bank Privatbank Suspends Money Transfers to Crypto Exchanges amid Martial Law
Other local banks in Ukraine have also imposed restrictions authorized by the country’s central bank under the current martial law.

Crypto Whales Taking Wait-and-See Approach
Based on hiked interest rates and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, crypto whales have shown signs of caution, given that their transaction volumes have been dwindling.

Russians Under Sanctions Using Crypto to Launder Money: Elliptic Report
Russians with strong social connections, who are under international sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, have been using cryptocurrencies to launder their wealth, according to a report.

LSG Group Says Crypto Exchanges Dealing in Russia Could See Setbacks
The head of the London Stock Exchange Group said that cryptocurrency exchanges engaging with Russia could see negative consequences as Western governments look for ways to tackle Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

The Russia-Ukraine War Might Accelerate CBDC Issuance, Former BOJ Official Says
The sanctions slapped on Russia based on its invasion of Ukraine might prompt more nations to adopt CBDCs as a shield against the U.S. dollar’s supremacy in the global financial system.

Ukrainian President Signs Law to Establish Regulatory Framework for Crypto
Amidst the ongoing war on its shores, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed into law the bill that will legalize digital currencies in the country.

Ukraine Receives Military Supplies via Crypto Donation
Ukrainian deputy minister Bornyakov said that as much as $15 million in military supplies had been received recently. The funding was thanks to crypto donations from various crypto organizations.

Thailand Considers Opening Crypto Payments for Russian and Ukrainian Tourists
Following Mastercard and Visa suspension of Russian credit cards abroad due to international sanctions imposed, Thailand, on the other hand, is looking at accepting crypto payments for transactions.

Crypto is Becoming the Lifeline for Ordinary Russians, Coinbase CEO Says
Meanwhile, as the war between Russia and Ukraine ravages, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes that cryptocurrencies are emerging as the lifeline for Russians as the nation faces heavy sanctions.

Switzerland to Freeze Crypto Assets Linked to Russians
Switzerland will join the UK, the US, and western allies in strengthening sanctions against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia Might Resort to Bitcoin Mining as Sanctions Continue to Bite
Based on the ripple effect of sanctions slapped on Russia because of its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Russia continues to be starving for foreign currency. It might make Bitcoin mining an alternative to bypass sanctions.

Ukraine Cancells Crypto Airdrop Program, Instead Embraces NFTs Plan
The Ukrainian government confirms that it has cancelled the airdrop program that aimed to allow anyone to contribute to its crypto donations. The government is now opting to sell NFTs to raise funds.

LocalBitcoins Cuts Fees to Zero for Ukrainians Both Locally and Abroad
To ease transactions amongst Ukrainians as they face the Russian Army Invasion in their nation, P2P Bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins has removed all transaction fees for them both locally and abroad.

Animoca Brands to Halt Trading Services to Russian Users
Animoca Brands said it would stop trading services to Russian users is in response to sanctions being imposed on Russia.

Ukraine Opens Channel for Dogecoin Donations Towards Relief Efforts
As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, Ukraine has increased the number of digital currencies. It now accepts Dogecoins from donors.

Revolut CEO Breaks Silence on Russian-Ukraine War, Condemns Violence
The Chief Executive Officer of a digital banking app Revolut Nikolay Storonsky has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and will donate up to £1.5 million per day to Red Cross Ukraine for the next seven days.

Ukrainian Government Accepts Polkadot DOT Donations, Expanding Crypto Donations Over $30M
Ukraine expands over $30M crypto donation program and accepts Polkadot’s DOTs after Russian army invasion.

Crypto Exchange Coinsmart Announces Donations for Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis
Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinSmart announced it would donate aid for the emergency humanitarian crisis in Ukraine to help Ukrainian refugees.

Ruble-Crypto Trading Soars amid Western Sanctions on Russia
Trading volumes between the Russian Ruble and the Tether cryptocurrency surged on Monday as Western powers slapped sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine-Russia war.

Binance to Donates $10M to Support Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis
Binance Exchange announced to donate the sum of $10 million to support the humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

Over $5M Bitcoin Worth Transferred towards Aiding Ukrainian Army Amid Russian Invasion
At least $5 million in Bitcoin has been donated to boost the Ukrainian Army since Russia attacked the nation on February 24, according to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic.

Ukrainian Government Raises over $10M in Digital Currencies from the Public
The entire public, particularly the crypto-savvy population, has shown solidarity with Ukraine and has raised more than $10 million since the call was made.

USDT Sees Rise on Ukraine's Kuna Exchange Following Russia Attack
The price of Tether's USDT stablecoin soared to 36.97 Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH) ($1.23) on Ukraine's Kuna exchange on Thursday, following the ongoing invasion from Russia.

Ukraine Military Foundation Allies Solicits Donations in Crypto
The “Return Alive” Foundation with close ties with the Ukrainian military is now soliciting funds in cryptocurrencies to support the army in these trying times.

Coinbase to Release Q4 Results, Crypto Winter Expected to Cause amid Ukraine- Russia War
Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, announced that it will release its fourth-quarter earnings report on February 24, 2022, EST. Wall Street analysts expect a brief winter in the cryptocurrency market due to the Crisis in Russia and Ukraine.

Crypto Market Crashes after Putin Announcing Military Operations against Ukraine
The crypto market is full of bearish sentiment, right after Russia launched the latest military operation against Ukraine. Bitcoin has fallen over 8%, whereas Ethereum has plunged over 10%.

Bitcoin Gains Momentum as Biden Slaps Russia with Sanctions
Bitcoin entered the green zone after U.S. President Joe Biden revealed new sanctions meant to cut off Russia from western finance.

Short-Term Holders Dominate Primary Driver for Bitcoin's Liquidation amid Ukraine Crisis
Analysis by IntoTheBlock shows that short-term holders have been the primary catalysts of the present leg down as they continue liquidating their BTC investments.

Ukraine Legalizes Bitcoin amid Intensified Tension with Russia
The Ukrainian parliament unanimously voted to legalize Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by passaging a Virtual Assets law on Thursday, amid the intensified tension with the potential military conflicts with Russia.

Ukrainian Volunteer Groups Receive Bitcoin Donations amid Tension with Russia
Ukrainian volunteer groups and related NGOs are receiving Bitcoin donations, given that Russia has marshalled at least 100,000 troops on the border.

Bitcoins Rebounds after Witnessing 6 Month Lows due to FUD, Standing around $36K
Subject to fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and the possibility of raising the interest rate from the U.S. Fed meeting last week, Bitcoin rebounded during the Asia trading session after it tumbled to its lowest in six months.

Ukraine Parliament Passes Legislation by Legalizing Crypto
The Ukrainian Parliament has passed a bill draft in the second reading Wednesday concerning legalising and regulating cryptocurrency and other virtual assets, such as tokens.

Ukraine Plans to Pilot CBDC Digital Hryvnia for Salary Payments
Ukraine has announced pilot testing plans for central bank digital currency to pay the national digital currency (CBDC) to its workers' salaries.

XLM Price Surges as Ukraine Selects Stellar Lumens for CBDC Development
Stellar network’s native token XLM has soared by approximately 30 percent in a day, following the news that Stellar will partner with Ukraine to develop CBDC.

Crypto Exchange Suspects Foul Play Impacting 5% of Its Total Assets, Suspends Withdrawals
UK-based crypto exchange EXMO has detected suspicious activity on its platform, and as a preemptive measure, it has suspended withdrawals for the time being.

Ukraine's Draft Bill on Digital Currencies Undergoes First Parliamentary Hearing
Ukraine's proposed draft bill for regulating digital assets in the country has passed its first parliamentary hearing.

Trump Outraged: Jack Dorsey Faces Senate Subpoena After Twitter Blocks Biden Ukraine Scandal
CEO Jack Dorsey is to testify about the recent incident where Twitter blocked a NY Post news disclosing sensitive information on Joe Biden's scandal in Ukraine.

Apple Demands that Telegram Block Channels Officiated by Belarus Protestors
Apple tech giant has told cloud-based messaging service Telegram to shut down three channels related to the Belarus political protests.

Crypto Exchange Refuses to Give Up Dissident Names to Belarus Government
Belarus government officials have demanded that a crypto exchange disclose the names of potential dissidents that have leveraged their services.

Eastern Europe Hotbed For Darknet As Ransomware Activity Increases
A recent study from Chainalysis has found that darknet operators are responsible for a disproportionately large share of the crypto market in Eastern Europe.

China's Crypto Adoption is Ahead of the US, According to Chainalysis’ On-Chain Metrics
Chainalysis recently published a report on the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and found that China is ahead of the US on the list.

Canada, Netherlands, Ukraine Central Banks Say Blockchain Not Necessary for CBDC
In a conference hosted by National Bank of Ukraine, some central banks recently suggested that blockchain is unnecessary for digital fiat currency

Ethereum Express Establishes Two Pilot Projects Encompassing Over 48,000 Users
Ethereum Express (EEX), a community-driven decentralized ecosystem, has revealed the launching of two pilot projects that will comprise of more than 48,000 users. These initiatives are utilizing the Proof-of-Authority-based Ethereum Express blockchain to boost the productivity of their business procedures.

Ukrainian Security Department And Law Enforcement Uncover a Crypto Mining Farm in a Railway Subdivision in Lviv
According to a report, Ukrzaliznytsia has uncovered a hidden cryptocurrency mining farm in the Lviv railway subdivision, which has been making use of the country’s electricity without paying for it. This secret mining company was discovered by Ukrzaliznytsia's security department, in conjunction with law enforcement officials.

Blockchain Experts Discuss: Will Blockchain Be the Missing Piece to Financial Inclusion?
The Singapore Fintech Festival rounded up blockchain discussions on the last day of the festival, focusing on one of the main themes of the event, financial inclusion.

Australian Government Explores the Viability of Blockchain For Land and Property Conveyancing Transactions
The Australian government is piloting a blockchain database to find out its viability on conveyancing transactions.