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Samsung Securities Files Paperwork to Launch A Crypto Exchange
Samsung Securities is one of the seven major South Korean securities companies planning to establish cryptocurrency exchanges in the first six months of next year.

Samsung Asset Management to Launch 1st APAC Metaverse Theme Active ETF on HKEX
Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited to launch the first APAC metaverse theme active ETF in Hong Kong with Samsung Asia Pacific ex NZ Metaverse Theme ETF (Stock code: 3172.HK), which is expected to list on HKEX by July 7.

Samsung to List Blockchain ETF on the HKEX
The new EFT launched by Samsung will track crypto and blockchain tech companies listed in Asia.

Samsung Inks Deal with Nifty Gateway, Allowing Trading NFTs with Smart TVs
South Korean electronics giant Samsung has teamed up with Nifty Gateway to develop a new line of smart TVs that will enable trading NFTs.

SK Square Earmarks $1.6b to Invest in New Tech Including Blockchain
SK Square, the largest shareholder of South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix, is reportedly earmarking the sum of 2 trillion won ($1.63 billion) to invest in new technologies including chips and blockchain.

Samsung Plans to Develop Top-Notch Metaverse Devices to Foster Accessibility
Samsung Electronics has revealed plans to make the metaverse more accessible by developing innovative devices as it sees it as a new business model.

Samsung Launches New Phone, Featuring Crypto Wallet Equipment
Samsung is showcasing its interest in the crypto space with the release of its new flagship phone Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Lamborghini Ventures into NFTs with New Collection
Italian luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini is launching its own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection to cement its foothold in the emerging digital art world.

Cardano Forest to Become a Reality Atop the Achieved Funding Milestone
Cardano’s plans to become a climate-positive blockchain network are getting closer to being fulfilled as it has met the funding target for its Cardano Global Impact Challenge.

Samsung Debuts New Fan Experience on Decentraland
Samsung Electronics America is defining the scope of its metaverse ambitions as it has launched a new store dubbed the Samsung 837x on Decentraland.

Samsung Electronics to Use Blockchain in Climate-Focused Reafforestation Program
Samsung Electronics America has committed to the planting of 2 million Mangrove trees in Madagascar in a bid to advance its quota on the fight against climate change.

Bank of Korea Initiates CBDC Pilot Plan on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
Samsung Electronics will participate in South Korea’s Central Bank Digital Currency pilot project. The electronics tech giant will help to determine whether CBDC transactions could be conducted on smartphones without the availability of an internet connection.

Samsung Facilitates Blockchain Use on Galaxy Devices
Samsung issued an official announcement to inform users that they will now be able to manage and trade cryptocurrencies from third-party wallets directly on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

EY-Led Consortium Submits Bid To Help Develop South Korea's CBDC
A consortium led by Ernst & Young has made the first and only bid to construct the business model for the Bank of Korea’s Central Bank Digital Currency project.

Jul 17 Trading Analysis: Even the best pandemic stock couldn't move the needle on earnings
BTC continues to snooze while ALTs continue to put on their dancing shoes with some DeFi names tracking double digit gains on a daily basis this week. If DeFi isn't enough, payments segment is also getting a bid on with Stellar making an announcement that they will be made available on Samsung mobile phones. So what if crypto celebrities and company twitter accounts got hacked, Bitcoin just had another free advertising campaign courtesy of these hackers. Bank of Thailand is also making greater progress in its central bank digital currency as it heads into Phase 3.

Samsung Adds New Crypto Feature to Their Devices with “Stellar” Blockchain
Samsung device users can now securely store the private keys of their cryptocurrency wallet on their phone, with a recent add-on feature by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF).

Bank of Korea Acquires Samsung-Backed BankSign Blockchain Platform, Seeking to Deploy the Platform at Local Banks
Bank of Korea makes a huge step in acquiring Samsung-backed BankSign authentication certificate service. The central bank seeks to deploy the blockchain platform in local banks.

Islamic Development Bank to Create Blockchain Smart Credit Platform with Samsung's Blocko
The Islamic Research and Training Institute partnered with Samsung backed Blocko to develop a functional Credit Management System for Saudi Arabia.

Gemini Exchange Inks Deal with Samsung to Boost Crypto Adoption
Gemini, a leading American crypto exchange, has struck a deal with tech giant Samsung Electronics to bring crypto closer to Samsung Blockchain Wallet users in Canada and the United States. This integration will make users connected to the Gemini mobile app where they can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

Samsung Launches New Secure Element Chip to Enhance Data Protection for Crypto Transactions
South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced a new revolutionary turnkey security solution to secure cryptocurrency transactions on its smartphones and tablets. Cryptocurrency transactions are one of the primary purposes of Samsung’s new Secure Element chip, which is expected to be available in Q3 2020. The solution involves a Secure Element (SE) chip S3FV9RR, which is Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ certified. The new SE chip along with enhanced software is designed to offer higher protection for tasks including booting, isolated storage, mobile payment, and other applications.

Samsung Collaborates with Israel’s Credorax On Automated Blockchain Platform For Merchants
Samsung SDS has signed an agreement with Israel’s fintech startup Credorax to build payment solutions to serve European merchants and banks.

The Story Behind Kakao and Klaytn's Blockchain Dominance in Korea
During Hong Kong Fintech Week 2019 held on Nov. 4-8, Zachary Keats, the Director of Corporate Development at Klaytn and Ground X, shared his insights on blockchain adoption initiatives in Korea. Kakao, a South Korean internet company offering a platform of services including messaging, cab-hailing, and payments, has developed Klaytn, the blockchain business arm of the company.

Samsung Users Can Now Access TRON Blockchain Network from Their Devices
The incorporation of TRON network into Samsung smartphones not only favor users in terms of security but also it could facilitate the direct integration of crypto-wallets.

OKEx Partners with Klaytn To Enhance Mass Blockchain Adoption
OKEx and Klaytn have officially joined hands as ecosystem partners who are meant to push for global adoption of blockchain technology for millions of users in the world.

Ford Test Drives the Use of Blockchain Technology for Energy Efficient Vehicles
Blockchain technology is currently been utilized by such tech-based companies like Samsung, Facebook, IBM and so on as listed on, these companies utilize different blockchain platforms but all to further solidify the position of blockchain technology in the tech world.

Samsung to Expose Its Well-Crafted Blockchain Strategy In Annual Developers Conference
The electronics giant Samsung, according to a press release on September 2, has revealed its intentions to present it's blockchain-based corporate strategy next month at the annual Samsung Developer Conference 2019 in San Josè, California.

Samsung Silently Adds Bitcoin Support for Blockchain Phones
Samsung recently added Bitcoin to the Blockchain Keystore, on the blockchain-enabled smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range launched in March with the “Blockchain Keystore” feature offering the storage of cryptocurrencies and transactions for Ether and ERC-20 tokens.