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Robinhood claims to be a pioneer of commission-free investing that gives you more ways to make your money work harder.

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Robinhood Seeks Sanctions Investigators ahead of Self-Custody Crypto Wallet Launch
Robinhood is hiring more specialists to work in the finance crimes compliance unit as the platform may be broadening its offerings.

Robinhood Lists USDC as First Stablecoin on Trading Platform
Robinhood has adopted the second-largest stablecoin for trading transactions.

Robinhood to Pay Less Than Half of Initial Bid for Crypto Firm Ziglu
Nasdaq-listed financial services platform, Robinhood Markets Inc has lowered its bid for United Kingdom-based crypto fintech firm, Ziglu in light of the current realities in the digital currency ecosystem

Robinhood's Crypto Unit Slammed With $30M Fine
The digital currency arm of a commission-free brokerage firm, Robinhood Crypto has been slammed with a fine of $30 million by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS)

Cathie Wood's Ark Invest Offloads Coinbase & Robinhood Shares
A trading filing showed Wall Street veteran Cathie Wood's Ark Invest has sold more than 1.4 million shares of Coinbase and $500,000 worth of Robinhood shares recently amid the crypto market downturn.

FTX Denies Making Internal Deliberations on How to Acquire Robinhood
Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Derivatives Exchange is reportedly making internal deliberations on how to acquire Nasdaq-listed brokerage firm Robinhood Markets Inc.

Robinhood Lays Off 9% Workforce, Shares drop
Robinhood is laying off 9% of its full-time workforce, CEO Vlad Tenev announced, as the shares of the company's stock hit a new low.

Robinhood Announces Planning to Buy British Crypto Platform Ziglu
Nasdaq-listed commission-free stock trading platform, Robinhood has signed an agreement to acquire UK-based crypto assets firm Ziglu.

Robinhood Rolls Out Tokens Offerings, Adding SOL, SHIB, MATIC & COMP
To meet customer requests for a broader selection of cryptocurrencies, American financial services company Robinhood has listed Shiba Inu, Solana, Polygon and Compound.

Robinhood Officially Rolls out Crypto Wallet
Robinhood rolls out a crypto wallet, providing access to more than 2 million customers on the waiting list for the digital product, Chief Product Officer Aparna Chennapragada announced.

Robinhood's Top Crypto Executive Announces Departure
Crypto executive Christine Brown, who was overseeing Robinhood's cryptocurrency initiatives, is leaving the brokerage firm, she confirmed via her Twitter account.

Two Ex-Robinhood Employees Launch New Remittance Service Atlantic Money
High remittance fees charged by the existing fintech ‘challenger’ platforms are some of the issues that prompted Atlantic Money to launch its money transfer service. The platform promises to facilitate cheaper and more efficient remittances.

Robinhood's Shares Tumble 15%, Posts $423M Net Loss
Robinhood Markets Inc's shares tumbled 15% in after-hours trade as the commission-free brokerage firm saw a $423 million net loss in the last quarter.

Robinhood's Crypto Wallet Goes Live, Allowing Crypto Withdrawals for First 1,000 Users
Robinhood’s crypto wallet is officially live, allowing the first 1,000 users to make crypto withdrawals.

Robinhood Plans to Roll out Beta Version of Crypto Wallet Feature in Jan 2022
Cryptocurrency and stock trading application Robinhood stated that it will start the beta phase of cryptocurrency wallets in mid-January 2022.

Robinhood Acquires Cross Crypto Exchange Trading Platform Cove Markets
Robinhood announced the acquisition of Cove Markets, a cross-exchange trading platform, joining Robinhood crypto.

Robinhood Taps Chainalysis to Enhance Crypto Compliance
Robinhood has announced to pair with Chianalysis by getting compliance tools to enhance its crypto trading app ahead of the rollout of its crypto wallet.

Around 1.6 Million Users Now on Robinhood's Crypto Wallet Waitlist
Robinhood Markets announced that 1.6 million people are on the waitlist for its cryptocurrency wallet; the figure is up from 1 million just a few weeks ago.

Burger King Offers Free Crypto Rewards via New Chain’s App
Through a partnership with RobinHood, Fast food chain enterprise Burger King has launched a new free crypto reward program to its customers.

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Purchases $79.4M of Robinhood Shares after Crypto Price Fall
Bitcoin and crypto believer Cathie Wood’s fund has bought approximately $79.4 million of Robinhood shares (approx. 2.29 million shares).

Shiba Inu Rises 13% as Robinhood Petition Passes 300,000
Shiba Inu rose 13% following an uproar for Robinhood Markets Inc to add the token to its platform. The token has gained more than 40 million % over the past year.

Robinhood's Crypto Revenue Collapse, Records 78% Decrease in Q3
Robinhood Markets Inc’s crypto trading revenue has been staggering. Its crypto revenue totalled $233 million in Q2 and $51 million in Q3, marking a 78% decrease compared to the previous quarter.

Robinhood to Plan Testing Cryptocurrency Wallets, Speeding up Crypto Territory Escalation
Robinhood Markets is extending its reach in the growing cryptocurrency market and now plans to test its cryptocurrency wallets. The so-called crypto wallets will give customers more ability to own and spend crypto coins.

Robinhood Silently to Test Crypto Wallets & Crypto Transfer Functions
According to a Bloomberg report, Zero-commission financial trading platform Robinhood is low-profile testing new crypto wallet features for its customers, which will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Robinhood Introduces Cryptocurrency Recurring Investments
Robinhood has introduced a new feature that allows its crypto users to automatically acquire as little as a $1 worth of cryptocurrency of their choice on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

Zero-commission Trading Platform Robinhood is Valued at $32B amid IPO Prices at $38 per Share
The popular stock and cryptocurrency platform Robinhood's IPO is valued at $38 per share at the low end of the previously estimated price range of $38-$42. The company's market value is up to $32 billion.

Robinhood Explores New Feature to Protect Investors from Crypto Fluctuations
Zero-commission financial trading platform Robinhood is exploring a new feature designed to protect investors from price fluctuations during the process of investing in cryptocurrency trading.

Robinhood Warns About Potential for Significant Decline in Retail Trading, Particularly in Crypto Business
Expecting to conduct IPO next week, Robinhood warns its revenues in Q3 ending in September to be lower compared to Q2 ended in June.

Robinhood Files for US IPO, Says Crypto Transactions Accounts for 17% of Revenue
Robinhood has filed for a public listing, and crypto has a prominent feature on the platform's business.

Chinese Robinhood Futu & Tiger Brokers To Expand Crypto Trading Abroad
Two Chinese online brokerages Futu and Tiger Brokers reportedly intend to expand their business into the crypto trading market abroad against stock competitors app, like U.S-based Robinhood.

Robinhood to Roll Out New Features for Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as GameStop Hearing Looms
Robinhood announced its intention to implement cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

Is Dogecoin (DOGE) the New GameStop?
As retail Reddit and Twitter investors are being barred from trading GameStop on trading apps like Robinhood, a shift to Dogecoin is pumping the altcoin

Bitcoin is the Answer to True and Free Capitalism, Following Wall Street Bets Short Squeeze
With the recent Gamestop stock soaring due to the Wall Street Bets group, this brought up a lot of discussion regarding Bitcoin and DeFi in the community,

DeFi and Crypto Community Explode as Robinhood Halts GameStop (GME) Trades
Robinhood’s decision to stop the purchases of GameStop (GME) shares, along with AMC and Blackberry (BBE), has spurred outrage from the cryptocurrency community.

3 Reasons Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP Price Will Surge Higher This Week
With Thanksgiving on its way and major central bank announcements incoming, there are three major reasons we expect the BTC, ETH, and XRP price to continue to rally higher.

What is Tendies (TEND)?
Tendies aims to be the next-generation autonomous and hyper deflationary cryptocurrency. Tendies, has called itself the “Dogecoin of the DeFi age."

Robinhood Compromised as Dark Web Hackers Allegedly Hold More Than 10K Login Keys
More than 10,000 Robinhood trading accounts have allegedly been hacked, and despite customer complaints, it appears as though the firm has been slow to act.

Bitcoin Venture Capital Firm Ribbit Capital Files $350 Million Blank Check IPO with SEC
Ribbit Capital, an early Bitcoin VC firm, has filed for a $350 million initial public offering with the SEC leveraging its “blank check” structure.

eToro Plans to Launch Debit Card in UK Ahead of Robinhood
As US-based investment app Robinhood delays its launch in UK indefinitely, eToro has revealed that it is planning to launch its debit cards for UK customers.

Jul 23 Trading Analysis: If only Robinhood has ETH listed
Trade strategy: Buy out of the money BTC and ETH calls; BTC 10 to 10.5k calls and ETH 300 to 350 calls for the next few weeks. Let's not get ahead of ourselves; whether we actually FOMO and chase, we will have to monitor for continued "recycled capital" and hopefully fresh inflows to keep the MoMo going,,,,,

Coinbase and Venmo Users Angered by Privacy Issues—Fintech Firm Faces Second Class Action Lawsuit
A second lawsuit has been filed against the fintech company Plaid, for violating user data privacy agreements they hold with major financial accounts that use Coinbase and Venmo.

Jun 10: Who says only Irrational Investors trade Bitcoin?
FOMC tonight with consensus heading rather dovish. For example MS expects Fed to switch to a monthly program of Treasury QE at $80bn per month with a dovish bias in projections. Of course, Powell isn't going to offer much clarity in explicit forward guidance. With Nasdaq crossing 10k momentarily last night (just 2 minutes), the market is starting to get excited. Nikola, a electric truck company with 0 earnings, has more than doubled in share price from last week, is now actually worth close to $30 billion (more than Twitter?).