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President Biden Freezes Mnuchin's Controversial Proposed Regulation on Unhosted Crypto Wallets
FinCEN’s controversial regulation proposal on “unhosted” crypto wallet has been effectively frozen by President Joe Biden as his administration takes office today.

Over 30 Japanese Firms to Conduct Digital Yen Pilot Test
Major Japanese companies from various sectors will collaborate to engage in a pilot test to issue a private digital currency or Digital Yen.

United States Moves Forward With Crypto Regulation
Two new crypto-related bills were discussed among the House Agriculture Committee this week as the United States moves forward with crypto regulation.

Africa Crypto Adoption Sparks Regulation Concerns
The accelerated growth of blockchain technology in Africa recently has raised concerns over the possible implementation of knee-jerk regulation.

Japanese Multinational’s Blockchain App Taps India’s Tech Talent Pool Neglected By Trump’s Visa Ban
NEC Corporation, a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics company, has partnered Persol Career, a job-hunting firm, to pilot its blockchain app to help corporate Japan recruit Indian tech engineers. Nearly 2000 Indians are expected to be hired via the app in the next three years,

Japanese Crypto Trading Activity Fell as COVID-19 Pandemic Hit in March
The Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association has reported that during the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a decline in active crypto-trading in Japan.

Japanese E-book Publisher Turns to Blockchain for Distributiion in the Pandemic Era
A Japanese book distributor is mulling an investment in a blockchain-based platform to distribute e-books, as partial lockdowns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continue in Japan.

Japanese Advertiser Dentsu Offers Influential Manga Comic Critics Blockchain Rewards
A Japanese advertising behemoth, Dentsu has partnered with Kadowkawa ASCII Research Labs to help local content creators on popular streaming apps to gain recognition and have their work critiqued by the public.

Japanese Lawmaker Urges Digital Yen Development to Curb China Dominance
Japanese Lawmaker, Kozo Yamamoto has called for the expedited development of Japan’s digital yen as the race to be the first nation with an operating central bank digital currency (CBDC) heats up.

Tables Turn for Japanese Man After Being Convicted for Secretly Installing a Crypto Mining Program
The Tokyo High Court has dismissed the acquittal of a 32-year-old Japanese man who had been let off the hook by the Yokohama District Court in March 2019 after being accused of unlawfully inserting a cryptocurrency mining program dubbed Coinhive.

What Does the Japanese FinTech Landscape Look Like?
Tokyo, the capital of Japan has been ranked as one of the top 12 FinTech hubs in the world by Deloitte’s A tale of 44 cities: Connecting Global FinTech: Interim Hub Review 2017. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) created policy outlines to form the city with the vision of an unrivaled global financial center.

Japanese University Integrates Blockchain for Tamper-Proof Academic Records
The Muroran Institute of Technology, located in Hokkaido, Japan, is piloting a blockchain initiative to authenticate the academic records of its students. Five other Japanese universities are expected to follow suit in 2020.