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The Singapore Fintech Association: Boosting the Industry with Blockchain Education
Following part one of our interview with the founding president of the Singapore FinTech Association, Chia Hock Lai, we further explored the education initiatives in the blockchain industry in Singapore.

Is Blockchain Tech the Holy Grail for the Aerospace Industry?
The aerospace industry moves millions of people and billions worth of assets every single day. Yet, the industry's sheer complexity is its own worst enemy. Can blockchain technology become the savior?

Exclusive: How is Blockchain Disrupting the Music Industry Globally?
With the widespread of blockchain technology used in different industries in the past decade, Sean Jong from K-Tune in Korea explains how blockchain can address the current pain points in the traditional music industry. He also explains the role of blockchain in royalty distribution and copyright infringement!

Exclusive: Why Hong Kong is so Unique in AI Industry?
In Part 2 of HKAI Lab’s interview, Timothy Leung reveals the unique positioning of Hong Kong in AI industry! He also evaluates the impact of HKD 20 billion Lok Ma Chau Loop and the support from Hong Kong government in AI technology!

How can blockchain disrupt the Freight Forwarding industry - Ernesto Villa explains
An indepth interview with CEO of Consol Freight Ernesto Villa on how blockchain can disrupt the Freight Forwarding industry

Bitcoin, Crypto and Porn: Will the Adult Industry Boost the Market?
The adult porn industry is a massive sector. Will it give crypto adoption a boost in the right direction? With many coins already in use, what has happened?

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FedEx: Current Blockchains Failed to Transform Logistics Industry
Dale Chrystie, FedEx’s blockchain strategist believed that blockchain cannot transform the logistics industry with its current form. He highlighted that current blockchains are not the best database for logistics, nor they are mature and scalable enough to handle mass volume of logistics.

Blockchain-based Agricultural Startup Plans to Unite the Coffee Industry of Honduras
GrainChain being an agricultural start up backed up by Medici Ventures and has shown some prospects so far, plans to bring together the coffee industry of Honduras.

Crypto for Sex: Blockchain Takes Off in the Adult Entertainment Industry
Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in the adult entertainment industry, as it can guarantee a high level of anonymity to its users, especially for pornography-related businesses.

Alibaba Sees Blockchain as the Icing on the Cake in the Film Industry
During the ongoing 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival happening in Xiamen, China, Li Jie, senior vice president of Alibaba Pictures, noted that blockchain was crucial in propelling the growth of the Chinese film industry.

Paraguay Begins to Audit Local Crypto Industry to Comply with FATF Guidelines
Paraguay is looking to take its cryptocurrency industry mainstream, in light of the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) guidance on virtual asset service providers (VASPs) released earlier this year.

Director of FinCEN Affirms That Cryptocurrency Industry Is in Line With Agency Regulations
The director of FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) Kenneth. A Blanco believes that the cryptocurrency industry is starting to fall in place with the agency’s regulations on money transmission services.

Heads of SEC, CFTC and FinCEN Jointly Warn Crypto Industry to Follow Regulations
The heads of the three major US financial regulators have issued a joint statement warning the cryptocurrency industry to adhere to banking regulations in the development of digital assets.

Exclusive: Talent Shortage is The Key Pain Point in AI Industry
Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging fintech trends in Hong Kong. While there are some great minds and AI companies in Hong Kong, they can’t survive without sufficient funding and technical support from government and industry leaders. We had the opportunity to invite Timothy Leung, Executive Director of HKAI Lab, to share his thoughts on how HKAI Lab facilitates the growth of AI ecosystem in Hong Kong. He also identified talent shortage is the key pain point in AI industry which hinders integration of AI and blockchain.

Canada to Become the Global Leader in the Blockchain Industry, Report Indicates
In a recently published report by the Canadian Chamber of Digital Commerce showed that Canadians in the blockchain industry are amongst the highest-earning salaries in the country. The report also noted that Canadian blockchain companies want more legal clarity, to understand where their government stands regarding regulation in Canada.

Blockchain Technology Reduces Cash Reliance In The Cannabis Industry
Ken Ramirez, CEO of Alt Thirty Six, said that the utilization of blockchain technology helps to reduce the reliance on traditional cash as a means of payment.

Present-day Blockchain Industry Hindered by Structural Scarcity of Talents
The growth of the current blockchain sector is being hampered by the lack of enough structural expertise.

Argentina Adopts Blockchain Technology for Traceability in the Citrus Industry
The citrus supply chain is one of the most fragmented and complex of all supply chains. The production is found all over the world, thus making several intermediaries and producers difficult to identify and trace. The Argentine Citrus Federation (Federcitrus) incorporated blockchain into the agency’s informatics system to provide traceability of fruit export products.

Blockchain at Work - Disrupting the Freight Forwarding Industry
Freight Forwarding gets a make up with technology and blockchain

South Korea to Pump In a Whopping USD 12.8 Million into Blockchain Industry
The adoption of blockchain technology is set to reach unprecedented levels in major countries, as recently announced by China’s President Xi Jinping. South Korea intends to follow suit based on the revelation made by the Ministry of Science and ICT that USD 12.8 million will be channeled to blockchain projects in 2020.

Why Switzerland Is Fast Becoming A Global Hub for Blockchain Industry
Switzerland is fast adopting innovation and blockchain and is positioned to create a huge impact on other economies.

Cyberport: The Key Indicators for Startup Success in the FinTech and Blockchain Industry
Backed by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Cyberport has the vision to be the hub for digital technology for Hong Kong. With its headquarters located in the south of Hong Kong Island, Cyberport is spearheading Hong Kong’s FinTech development. Blockchain.News met with Charles Lam, the senior manager of the FinTech and Blockchain Cluster at Cyberport; he explained to us the current FinTech and blockchain ecosystem in Cyberport and how it connects to the global FinTech network.

Ethereum's Switch to Proof-of-Stake Will be 'Substantial' to the Industry, Binance Research Suggests
Binance’s latest research report published on Oct. 28 stated that Ethereum’s upcoming switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) from Proof-of-Work (PoW) is expected to take a ‘most substantial’ portion of the crypto market’s attention.

How Can Blockchain Be Used to Save $31 Billion in Costs in the Food Industry?
Blockchain, along with the internet of things (IoT) trackers and sensors, could reduce costs for retailers. New data from Juniper research showed that blockchain will be essential to $31 billion in “food fraud savings” by 2024 by tracking food across the supply chain.