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“Warriors of Future” Set to Debut as Asia’s First NFT Blockbuster Movie
Warriors of Future, a multi-million-dollar Hong Kong sci-fi action movie by One Cool Group, seeks to be the first Asian blockbuster film to feature a non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

Hong Kong Crypto Exchange OSL Opens Institutions Investment in Security Tokens
OSL offers sales of security tokens to institutional investors after receiving a Type 1 license from the SFC. The offerings enable investors to own digital assets pegged to financial assets indirectly.

Hong Kong is the Most Crypto-Ready Economy, Study Shows
Crypto adoption in Hong Kong is going to expand, as the city has emerged as the readiest country/ region to embrace digital assets era, according to a study by trading platform Forex Suggest.

Yahoo Hong Kong to Launch NFTs Products for Pet Lovers
City Frenchie is already being built in Metaverse. Yahoo will launch the first NFT project at a prime location on the virtual island of Hong Kong.

Interactive Brokers Taps OSL To Offer Digital Assets Services in Hong Kong
Interactive Brokers is working with OSL Digital Securities to expand the use of virtual assets dealing services in Hong Kong, witnessing investors' growing interest in exploring opportunities in investing in crypto-assets.

Regulator in Hong Kong Warns Users Against NFT Trading Risks
The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has stepped up its awareness campaign in relation to the risks inherent in the trading of NFTs.

E-HKD’s Development in Hong Kong- The Future Way of Currency?
Exclusive: a study shows that 90% of surveyed central banks worldwide are exploring the future issuance of CBDCs. Blockchain.News interviewed industry experts to find out the outlook of e-HKD and its potential adoption.

HKMA Seeks Public Consultation for e-HKD Development
In Hong Kong, the local financial regulator has issued a discussion paper to the public, asking for the public opinions about introducing domestic retail central bank digital currency.

HSBC Rolls Out Metaverse Fund for Premium Clients in Singapore and Hong Kong
As the metaverse continues to gain momentum, HSBC Holdings has established a fund to render investment opportunities to its high and ultra-high net worth investors in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Huobi Tech Files to List Crypto ETF Product in Hong Kong
Huobi Tech asset management firm has reportedly filed the application for a crypto-based ETF to the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong.

BIS to Explore Potential Advantages of Defi on Small & Medium Enterprises in H.K.
As part of its research plans, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) will explore if decentralized finance (DeFi) technologies can enhance financing for small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong.

HK-based Coinsuper Under Scrutiny after Failed Transactions Since Nov 2021
Customers of Hong Kong-based Coinsuper have been unable to withdraw money or tokens from the bourse since late November, review from messages on the firm’s official Telegram chat showed.

New Art Landscape of NFT Shaping in Hong Kong
【Feature】Although Hong Kong's art scene is already booming lucratively with galleries and auction houses showcasing world-class art pieces, the city is on its way to adding another milestone on its journey with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

HK FinTech Week: Understanding Misconceptions on Cryptocurrency
Misconceptions about cryptocurrencies have been prevalent since their inceptions more than ten years ago with Bitcoin being the first to revolutionise the blockchain system.

H.K.-based CMCC Global's Crypto Fund Targets $300M, Drawing Tycoon Richard Li's Attention
The CMCC Global Asset Management Ltd's target of $300 million in assets for its latest crypto fund is attracting investors like Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li, allowing them to bet on blockchain and its applications.

HKMA Releases Whitepaper on Proposing the issue of CBDC: e-HKD
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has published a Whitepaper to discuss the technical consideration of its proposed CBDC dubbed the e-HKD.

Crypto Exchange FTX Relocates its HQ to the Bahamas from Hong Kong
Digital assets derivatives exchange FTX reportedly has relocated their headquarter to Nassau, the Bahamas, from Hong Kong, citing fewer regulation restrictions on the island nation.

More Crypto Firm Tenants Settle in Hong Kong Central CBD Offices
Hong Kong Land Holdings Ltd announced Wednesday that the real estate firm has signed a lease contract with a crypto firm, embracing the first crypto company to use their offices in the city's cbd.

Hong Kong Regulator SFC Warns ICOs as Unauthorized Investment Schemes
The Hong Kong Securities and Financial Commission have issued a warning to the public to beware of unregulated investment schemes, such as digital tokens and initial coin offerings (ICO).

Study Says Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Pegs at 19%, H.K. Ranks 2nd for BTC Holding amid Political Landscape
Finder has placed the global crypto adoption rate at 19%, with Bitcoin being the most accumulated asset. Hong Kong ranks second for Bitcoin holding amid changing political landscape.

Hong Kong Customs Arrests Four Men in Alleged $155M Crypto Laundering
Hong Kong Customs announced Thursday that the authority had dismantled a local cryptocurrency money-laundering syndicate involving HK$1.2 billion ($US 155 million). The operation is considered the first case for the same kind in the city.

U.S. Ranks The Most Crypto-friendly Country/Territories Worldwide; Hong Kong Takes 3rd Runner Up
A study conducted by Crypto Head shows the United States takes the lead as the crypto-friendly country or territory to adopt cryptocurrencies worldwide, while Hong Kong enjoys the fourth most crypto-friendly region.

Hong Kong Lists CBDC Development as Strategy Fintech 2025 Roadmap
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has enlisted its e-HKD development as part of its Fintech 2025 strategy.

Hong Kong Financial Watchdog Proposes Restricting Cryptocurrency Trading to Professional Investors
Hong Kong retail traders may be prohibited from trading cryptocurrencies if the city’s Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau’s proposed rule is approved.

Former HKEX Executive: Will HkbitEX Issue Its First STO Project Next Year?
On a forum, the Chief Development Officer of HKbitEX said that she hoped the company would issue its first security token offering (STO) project in 2021.

Standard Chartered Undertakes First Cross-Blockchain Trade Transaction Between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Standard Chartered has made a milestone by completing its first cross-blockchain trade finance pilot transaction between Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong Securities Regulator Aims to Tighten Digital Asset Regulations Later This Year
The CEO of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) recently stated that security tokens must be regulated by the regulatory authority.

Blockchain Industry Leaders R3 and FORMS HK join Cyberport to Launch “Block AdVenture” Program
Hong Kong's innovation hub, Cyberport along with leading global enterprise blockchain platform provider R3 and FORMS HK have launched the Block AdVenture program.

Hong Kong to “Seize the Opportunities” of China’s Digital Yuan CBDC Development
The Hong Kong government is considering collaborating with the mainland Chinese authorities on the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) project.

Why Hong Kong Will Be a Leading Digital Asset Trading Centre in Asia
Reasons why Hong Kong will a leading digital asset trading centre in Asia.

FBI Arrests 2 Hackers for Ransomware and “Crypto-Jacking” Scams, 5 Chinese Suspects Still at Large
The DoJ and the FBI seized two criminals connected to a cybercrime targeting over 100 companies in the US and abroad with ransomware, crypto jacking and more.

Bitcoin Ad in Hong Kong Apple Daily Publication Promotes Bitcoin As Beyond Government Control
In the Hong Kong Apple Daily today, a full-page ad was dedicated to Bitcoin, calling on Hong Kongers to move their wealth beyond the control of “any” government.

Hong Kong SFC Agrees in Principle to License Fidelity Backed OSL Crypto Firm
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has agreed in principle to license the cryptocurrency firm OSL Digital Securities.

Hong Kong’s National Security Law Triggers Exodus of Wealthy Society’s Capital, Is Gold Being Dumped for Bitcoin?
Hong Kong’s rich and affluent are reportedly moving large amounts of gold out of the major financial hub following Beijing’s imposed national security law. According to well-known Bitcoin bull Max Keiser, Bitcoin is a better way to export your fortune.

“LU HK” Mobile App Brings a New Paradigm to Online Wealth Management, With No Entry Barriers and No Limits
Lu International (Hong Kong) Limited has launched its LU HK mobile application, offering 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week integrated wealth management services to Hong Kong customers.

Benjamin Quinlan: New Chairman of FinTech Association of Hong Kong Shares Vision for FTAHK 2.0 and the Future of Asia's FinTech Ecosystem
The FinTech Association of Hong Kong has elected Benjamin Quinlan as Chairman to lead it through the next chapter of its mission to foster the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong and Asia.

Will Hong Kong's Status as an International Digital Financial Hub be Affected by the National Security Law?
2020 has been quite a year for Hong Kong, marked by months of political unrest, the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, and a sweeping new national security law that China imposed on the city. The national security law, unanimously passed by China’s ruling Communist Party, sets up against secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces to endanger national security.

DLA Piper: Security Tokenization in Hong Kong
Security tokenization is the representation of fractional interests in an asset using blockchain. A security token derives its value from an underlying asset, such as a work of art. This differs from a utility token, which gives a holder the right to use a particular product or service, or a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, which has its own value as a currency.

McAfee's Ghostcoin Gets Backing as Payment in Hong Kong
John McAfee's Ghostcoin gets backing for use as a payment coin in Hong Kong across 60 vending machines including Disneyland.

Hong Kong Blockchain Ecosystem
HK Blockchain Ecosystem

Crypto Scams Took in More Than $30 Million in Taiwan in 2019
Blockchain and cryptocurrency investment scams have risen and have reached $900 million New Taiwan dollars ($30 million) in Taiwan last year, according to Gao Hongan, a political figure in the country.

China Leads Pan-Asian Digital Currency Project to Compete with Facebook's Libra
Led by China, four Asian countries are in the early stages of developing a joint digital currency. The currency will help keep the Dollar and Libra in check

Bitcoin Adoption is the Ultimate Protest Against Government and State Abuse of Freedoms
As protests break out across the globe against state and central authorities, are the protesters overlooking their best and most potent weapon in Bitcoin? Bitcoin in essence, was built for protest and could potentially destabilize the central source of power for our governments—control over traditional financial systems.

Hong Kong Fintechs Embrace Blockchain and DLT
Blockchain firms make up nearly 40% of all new Hong Kong FinTech companies launched in 2019.

China Plans to Incorporate Blockchain in Attempt for Hainan to Overtake Hong Kong on International Trade
The Chinese government is planning to make the province of Hainan into a free trade port, focusing on facilitating free trade, investment, and cross-border capital flows. The plan encourages government institutions to use blockchain and other emerging technologies to improve government functions. The government’s plan has mentioned blockchain technology consistently, as it could have the potential to be used in social governance, as well as protecting data systems including intellectual property rights.

Hong Kong Vending Machines Accept Bitcoin Cash not Bitcoin Boasts Roger Ver
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate Roger Ver recently took to Twitter to highlight a Hong Kong vending machine which accepts BCH and Ether as payment options but not Bitcoin. After asking why BCH was preferred over BTC, Ver was accused by popular YouTube Bitcoin influencer Tone Vays and trader Willy Woo of paying for Bitcoin’s omission.

China Passes Civil Code Which Will Allow its Citizens to Inherit Cryptocurrency
At the Thirteenth National People’s Congress held in Beijing China, the parliament passed a new civil code that protects the civil rights of inheritance, marriage, property, personality, and contract infringement. According to Lixin Yang, a professor at Renmin University of China, the civil code states that “When a natural person dies, the legacy is the personal legal property left by she/he.” Personal legal property in this case also means “internet property” including virtual currencies. Chinese citizens will be able to leave their cryptocurrency and virtual assets to their heirs, coming into effect on January 1, 2021.

Why Hong Kong is Still Not Ready to Become Asia's Leader in Crypto and Blockchain
During a live webinar, as part of the UK FinTech Week, Clara Chiu, the Head of Fintech Unit & Director of Licensing at the SFC explicitly stated that Hong Kong does not have the mandate to create a large regulatory regime for cryptocurrencies or to attract more investors or players in the crypto field. Rather than promoting the crypto sector, Hong Kong is rather focused on protecting investors and promoting new regulations for the same reason. Is focusing on licensing enough for the city?

First Crypto Fund Approved by Hong Kong’s Financial Regulator Aims to Pass $100M in its First Year
Hong Kong’s first approved cryptocurrency fund, Arrano Capital, the blockchain arm of Venture Smart Asia announced its rollout of a new Bitcoin fund in Hong Kong.

PwC Expert's Take: What Are the 3 Grey Areas to Crypto Taxation in Hong Kong?
The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Hong Kong took a step further to provide clarity in taxing digital assets. In the recent press release titled “LCQ20: Regulation of virtual asset investment activities”, James Lau, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury answered the queries raised by the Hon Wu Chi-wai on taxation of virtual assets, tax evasion of virtual asset-related business and latest effort to regulate virtual assets by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

Standard Chartered's Virtual Bank, Mox Will Usher in New Era of Banking for Hong Kong
Mox Bank Limited, or Mox, the new virtual bank in Hong Kong recently launched by Standard Chartered, has now been made available to select customers via invitation in an external pilot. The aim of the pilot is to prepare the state-of-art virtual bank for the public launch scheduled for later this year.

Standard Chartered's Planned Hong Kong Virtual Bank Announced as Mox
Mox is the new virtual bank in Hong Kong to be launched by Standard Chartered in partnership with PCCW, HKT and Launching later this year, the mission of Mox is to help everyone in Hong Kong grow – “your money, your world, your possibilities.”

Hong Kong Blockchain Ecosystem Feb 2020 - New Members
Hong Kong Blockchain Ecosystem Feb 2020 - New Members

Hong Kong's 2020 Budget: Digital Assets May be Incorporated into Regulatory Framework but not Blockchain
Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Paul Chan been under intense pressure from lawmakers to dip into the government’s fiscal reserves to help the city get out of an economic slump. After months of anti-government protests and the emergence of the coronavirus epidemic, Hong Kong residents aged over 18 will receive a cash handout of HK$10,000. The budget also highlighted the forecast of an all-time high deficit of HK$139 billion for the coming fiscal year.

Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Betting Jeopardizes Jockey Racing Integrity, Warns HKJC Expert
During a presentation at the Asian Racing Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Tom Chignell, a Hong Kong Jockey Club expert, warned that illegal cryptocurrency betting markets could seriously compromise jockey racing integrity.

PwC Felix Kan: The Ethical Hacker for Modern Cyberattacks
Felix Kan is a Partner in PwC’s Risk Assurance Cybersecurity Privacy practice with 10 years of extensive experience. Kan began his career as an ethical hacker and has committed his career to helping Hong Kong companies enhance their protections against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Hong Kong Blockchain Startup Bitspark Announces Closure Amid Coronavirus Outbreak and Protests
Bitspark, a blockchain remittance startup based in Hong Kong recently announced its abrupt closure, stating internal restructuring issues.

Hong Kong’s Central Bank and Bank of Thailand Announce Results of Blockchain-Based CBDC Study
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Bank of Thailand published the results in a research report of the Project Inthanon-LionRock, by the two central banks on the application of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on cross-border payments. In May 2019, the two authorities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on fintech collaboration, as Thailand is one of Hong Kong’s top 10 principal trading partners.

FinTech Remains as a High Priority Sector, Says Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam at the Asian Financial Forum 2020
The 13th Asian Financial Forum, taking place as a two-day event starting on Jan. 13, 2020, in Hong Kong, gathering the most influential leaders of the global financial, government, and business sectors, groundbreaking discussions on inclusiveness, innovation, and fintech.

Newly Launched HKU FinTech Index Series Shows Positive Outlook for Hong Kong in 2020
Newly launched HKU FinTech Index Series shows positive outlook for Hong Kong in 2020

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission Sets New Regulations for Crypto Exchanges
The Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong’s financial regulatory has set out new regulations for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges on Oct. 6. Announced by Ashley Alder, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SFC made an announcement in his speech at the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019. Following his speech, the SFC also published a new regulatory approach to “virtual asset trading platforms,” on its website.

Blockchain and IoT: Transforming Hong Kong into a Smart City
Blockchain and IoT: Transforming Hong Kong into a Smart City

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2019
Hong Kong Fintech Week is an international fintech event. This year, it is moving to a bigger venue – AsiaWorld-Expo to accommodate a greater variety of programmes, business events, exhibitors and attendees. It is expected to attract over 8,000 industry leaders and gather more than 200 top-notch speakers, including fintech entrepreneurs, investors, regulators and academics, over 400 media and 100 fintech exhibitors.

The Fight for Freedom: Bitcoin and Hong Kong Battle Old World Control
Financial systems and governments clash. Hong Kong and Bitcoin fight for Freedom.

Hong Kong with its Incredibly Unique Positioning in FinTech
In the second part of our interview with Peter Mok, Head of Incubation and Acceleration Programs at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), he went into detail on the initiatives they have developed to combat the global talent shortage, bring Hong Kong’s lagging Fintech industry up to speed and he tells us how blockchain startups can leverage the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park: Turning Tech Startups' Visions into Reality
Blockchain.News sat down with Peter Mok, Head of Incubation and Acceleration Programmes, HKSTP to gain further insight into the incubation initiative and the custom-made programs, that have been designed to support technology startups, and specifically how they could be utilized by blockchain startups.

Crypto Exchange Huobi Plans to Reverse IPO in Hong Kong
Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has reportedly been planning a reverse initial public offering (IPO) according to a document revealed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

Hong Kong Protests Powering Through Bitcoin Adoption
The Hong Kong protests, which has now entered its 12th week, affected Hong Kong’s economy, including the property market, stock exchange, shop owners, and banks.

US Awaits Recession While Bitcoin Becomes the Last Resort
The trade-war worries affected the financial markets on Wednesday, while stocks and commodities tumbled in Europe and the United States. Equities declined more than 1% in the United States after the S&P 500 Index fell 2.93%, the NASDAQ shed 3%, and the Dow Jones tumbled over 3%.

Market Researcher States That Bitcoin is an Indicator for Geopolitical Turmoil
Nicolas Colas, a market researcher and Co-founder of market research firm DataTrek Research, says that Bitcoin could be used as an indication for geopolitical turmoil.