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FBI Warns Investors of Fraudulent Crypto Apps
FBI issued a public warning to crypto investors about fraudulent cryptocurrency apps. Fake apps have defrauded more than 200 American investors up to $42.7 million.

OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova Added to FBI's Most Wanted List
Ruja Ignatova, the fraudulent ‘CryptoQueen’ as she is known has been placed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) list of the ten most wanted criminals

US DOJ Announces Leader for New FBI Crypto Unit
The new national cryptocurrency enforcement team will be led by a prosecutor who led the case against a Russian hacker, the U.S. Department of Justice said, adding that the FBI will launch a unit for blockchain analysis and virtual asset seizure.

US Treasury Department Believed to be Hacked by Russians, Bitcoin Bulls Respond “BTC Never Gets Hacked”
The US Treasury Department has been on the receiving line of a huge security breach that saw their internal servers targeted.

$1 Billion in Bitcoin Moves From Silk Road Wallet, a Format Update or a Hack?
69,370 Bitcoins has moved from an address connected to the defunct Silk Road darknet market for the first time in five years, was it a hack or a move to update the address?

Silk Road Programmer Pleads Guilty for Covering Up His Darknet Involvement to FBI and IRS
Silk Road computer programmer Michael R. Weigand pleaded guilty for providing false statements regarding his involvement with the darknet marketplace.

FBI Arrests 2 Hackers for Ransomware and “Crypto-Jacking” Scams, 5 Chinese Suspects Still at Large
The DoJ and the FBI seized two criminals connected to a cybercrime targeting over 100 companies in the US and abroad with ransomware, crypto jacking and more.

Darknet AlphaBay Moderator Paid in Bitcoin Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison
A darknet moderator for marketplace AlphaBay has been apprehended by law officials and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Bitcoin Twitter Hack Investigation Reveals Second Teen Mastermind
US authorities revealed that there may have been another hacker that played a prominent role in the Bitcoin hack that overtook Twitter on July 15.

Elon Musk Confirms Russian Bitcoin Ransomware Attack Targeting Tesla, FBI to the Rescue
Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla was recently targeted in a ransomware attack set to extort $1 million in Bitcoin from the car manufacturing giant.

Russian Man Charged For Offering $1 Million in Bitcoin to United States Employee to Install Malware in Company’s Network
Russian citizen arrested and charged for trying to recruit an employee to plant malware on a company’s computer network in Nevada, US.

Uber’s Former Security Chief Charged for Using $100K Bitcoin Hush Payment to Hide Data Breach
Former Chief Security Officer at Uber, Joseph Sullivan, has been charged with allegedly paying $100K in Bitcoin to hackers to cover up a company data breach.

Teenage Twitter Hacker Could Use Bitcoin to Post $725,000 Bail
The mastermind behind Twitter’s recent massive hack attack has finally been arrested after a nationwide investigation by the FBI, and bail for him has been set at $725,000.

AML BitCoin Lobbyist Abramoff to Pay $55K in Convicted Guilt Plea for ICO Fraud
In the civil case filed against Jack Abramoff for his role in the 2018 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) scandal, the AML BitCoin lobbyist is expected to pay $55, 000 in disgorgement and interest for his conspiracy in fraud.

Microsoft Takes Down COVID-19 Cyber Criminals to Eliminate "Business Email Compromise" Attacks
Scammers have been taking advantage of COVID-19 and the worldwide economic crisis revolving around it to retrieve personal information and phish data from Microsoft users.

American Fugitive Wanted for $722 Million Crypto Scam Arrested in Indonesia for Child Sex Offenses
An American fraud fugitive wanted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a $722 million cryptocurrency scam has been nabbed in Jakarta, Indonesia, for child sex crimes.

IOTA Network Increases its Speed by 20x Following its Relaunch a Few Months Prior
The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on blockchain and open-source development has announced the latest version of its node software, Hornet together with the IOTA community. The IOTA community has conducted a stress test that illustrated a stable network of over 150 nodes with over 650 confirmed transactions per second (TPS). This shows an increase in transaction throughput by a factor of 20, while Hornet is able to consume 10 times less memory under normal operations compared to its previous node software.

US Intelligence Reveals Extent of North Korea’s “Hidden Cobra” Crypto-Dependent Cyber Crimes
US Intelligence Reveals Extent of North Korea’s “Hidden Cobra” Crypto-Dependent Cyber Crimes

Blockchain for Emails: What are the Benefits?
Blockchain has an array of benefits that could solve some of the problems in the email marketing field. Eliminating spam and enhancing privacy are some of the major benefits of this technology.

Two Massachusetts Men Arrested And Charged To US Court For Supposed Social Media Frauds And Crypto Theft
Two Massachusetts men had been arrested and charged to court on account of stealing victims' social media accounts and cryptocurrency through swapping their sims, hacking their computers, and other nameless techniques.