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Crypto Bank BVNK Secures Operational License from the Bank of Spain
London-based digital currency banking service provider, BVNK has announced it is now a licensed Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) with the Bank of Spain

Crypto Bank Silvergate Capital Receives Bullish Rating from Wells Fargo
Despite the plunge in the crypto market, Wells Fargo is confident in Silvergate’s digital assets business. The Wall Street said that strengths in Silvergate should help its shares rise and business grow.

Crypto Bank Custodia Files Lawsuit against Federal Reserve for Delaying Master Account Application
Wyoming state-based digital asset bank Custodia has filed a lawsuit against the authority for unlawfully delaying a decision on its applications for a master account.

Argentina Halts Crypto Operations Undertaken by Financial Institutions
Days after Argentina’s largest private bank Banco Galicia opened crypto trading services, the nation’s central bank cracked the whip by banning financial institutions from carrying out crypto transactions.

Russian Finance Ministry Believes Crypto Should be Regulated not Banned
The Ministry of Finance in Russia believes that the ban on crypto-assets should be shelved. Proper regulations would provide both transparency and protection to citizens.

Indian Government Affirms to Regulate Digital Currencies instead of Banning
Affirming the prior speculations on the concerted efforts of the Indian parliament and government to regulate the developing world of cryptocurrencies.

India Consults Stakeholders Related to Cryptocurrency Ban
The Indian government is exploring an alternative approach to handling digital currencies, rather than a blanket ban.

China's Hainan Province Cautions Citizens Against Illegal Crypto Trading
China's Hainan Province has banned illegal crypto offerings, upholding the country's early ban on digital currency-related activities.

Number of Ethereum Whales on the Decline as Market Sees a Massive Correction
Ethereum holders, those with at least 100 coins are on the decline.

China Financial Institutions Bars Crypto as Payment Tools
Three major regulatory bodies in China have prohibited banks and financial firms to provide cryptocurrencies transaction services.

US Government Is Likely to Ban Bitcoin, says Ray Dalio
The founder of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio has said that Bitcoin is likely to face a ban in the US just like the 1930s ban on gold.

India Cryptocurrency Ban Resurfaces, Traders and Miners to be Targeted This Time
India is out again to ban cryptocurrencies with a target on traders and miners.

India’s Finance Minister Says Crypto Ban May not Happen and Government May Experiment with New Technologies
India’s Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, has revealed that the government is not intending to completely ban cryptocurrencies.

India Plans to Ban Private Cryptos like Bitcoin in Favor of National Cryptocurrency
India plans introducing a new bill to ban private cryptocurrencies as well as introduce a national digital currency.

Crypto Fund Managers Infuriated with UK Watchdog's Recent Ban on Crypto Derivatives
Crypto fund managers have released an angry response to the UK financial regulator's recent ban on the sales of crypto derivatives to retail consumers.

Caitlin Long's Avanti Becomes the Second Crypto Bank in the US, Open for Commercial Clients in Early 2021
The Avanti Financial Group has recently become the second cryptocurrency company to get a banking license in the United States.

Pakistani Judge Challenges Federal Authorities Over Cryptocurrency Ban
Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro of the Sindh High Court (SHC) has challenged the State Bank of Pakistan's ban on cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Kraken Is the First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Become a US Bank
Kraken San Francisco-based crypto exchange was approved yesterday by the Wyoming Banking Board and is now the first exchange to become a US bank.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Criticizes India’s New Bill Seeking to Ban Crypto Trading
Ripple CEO has responded to reports that India intends to introduce a ban on crypto trading.

India Considers Banning Crypto Trading Which Could Impact 1.7 Million Dependent Local Traders
The federal cabinet in India is expected to discuss a new bill that could once again ban cryptocurrency trading in the nation.

India Considers New Law to End Crypto Trading Despite Numerous Overturns by the Supreme Court
The Indian government is planning to bring in a new law to ban cryptocurrency trading, following the prohibition of banks and financial services to provide services related to crypto.

India’s Government Plans to Bring Back Law to Ban Cryptocurrencies
A report revealed that the Finance Ministry is now inviting other ministries to have a discussion of its earlier draft on the crypto ban introduced a year ago.

Caitlin Long's Avanti Crypto Bank Raises $5 Million Funding Round, Inches Closer to Banking Charter Approval
Avanti Financial Group, the crypto-focused bank, led by the Caitlin Long University of Wyoming Alumna, has taken another important step towards becoming a chartered crypto bank in the country. Caitlin Long is the founder and CEO of Avanti bank. The crypto bank has raised an angel round worth $5 million from several popular investors in cryptocurrency. The University of Wyoming Foundation led the funding round with partnerships from Malex Enterprises, Lemniscap, Antony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital, Blockchain Capital, Madison Paige Ventures, Gary Gigot, Digital Currency Group, Susan B. Anthony, and many others.

Indian Crypto Exchanges Seek Clarity on Legal Status and Taxability from the Reserve Bank of India
Crypto exchanges and companies in India are still seeking regulatory clarity and tax status from the Reserve Bank of India following a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the crypto industry earlier this year. India’s Supreme Court reversed the ban placed by the central bank on financial institutions offering crypto-related banking services. It is two months after lifting the ban, crypto exchanges and firms are now seeking clarification regarding the nature of their operations.

Russia’s Central Bank Will Ban Crypto Issuance and Trading in Upcoming “Digital Financial Assets” Bill
Alexey Guznov, head of the legal department at Bank of Russia, says that the new version of the delayed bill on “Digital Financial Assets” will include a ban on issuance and selling of cryptos in the country.

India’s Central Bank Aims to Undo the Supreme Court Ruling on Lifting the Crypto Ban
India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has planned to report a review petition on the recent Supreme Court’s cryptocurrency ruling, according to the Economic Times.

India’s Supreme Court Turned the Tables on Crypto Ban in Landmark Ruling
In a momentous ruling, India’s Supreme Court has lifted the ban made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the nation’s central bank, on banks and other regulated entities dealing with cryptocurrencies. The court noted that preventing regulated entities from offering banking services to crypto trading stakeholders did not hold any water.

First Crypto-Native Bank to be Launched in the United States by Former Wall Street Executive
Former Wall Street executive and blockchain laws advocate Caitlin Long has seized the opportunity to establish the first crypto-native bank in the United States. This opportunity came as an advantage as the Wyoming legislature has been progressive, and Long previously helped Wyoming to enact thirteen blockchain-enabling laws.

UK’s First Regulated Crypto Bank to be Launched by Former Barclays Tech Head
The former Head of Technology for the Barclays group, and former CTO at Starling Bank in the UK, Mark Hipperson is planning to launch a regulated crypto bank with his digital banking venture Ziglu.

Indian Bill To Ban Cryptocurrency Excluded From Winter Parliament Agenda
The bill to ban cryptocurrency trade in India has been left of its parliamentary winter session agenda, fueling speculation that there has been a change in strategy.

World First Crypto Bank Sygnum Receives Approval To Offer Banking Services In Singapore
Sygnum has been granted approval by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to operate digital markets/banking services in the country

India’s Apex Court Postpones Cryptocurrencies Ban Hearing to November
Back in April 2018, the Reserve Bank of India released a press release prohibiting banks from providing financial services to individuals and corporate bodies dealing in cryptocurrencies. This move by the Reserve Bank of India has received many criticisms from several individuals and the High Court of Delhi as the ban clearly violates the constitution.