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Russia Plans to Use Digital Rouble In Settlements with China, Says Lawmaker
Russia used to resist legalizing crypto. However, it is now willing to embrace the use of cryptocurrency for cross-border payments due to geopolitical tensions.

China to Limit the Unauthorized Use of Other's Digital Properties
The illegal use of people’s work including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) without getting their permission has been a concern to the National Copyright Administration in China (NCAC). To this end, the agency alongside four departments has therefore enacted policies in a special edition campaign ‘Jianwang 20222’ to combat this issue according to a press statement

China Central Bank Releases Digital CNY Smart Contract Prepaid Fund Management Product
In China, the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China has launched a digital renminbi smart contract prepaid fund management product - "Yuanguanjia".

Beijing Launches Two-Year Metaverse Development Plan
Beijing has announced plans to accelerate the development of metaverse within all its corresponding districts.

China Guangzhou Public Transport Launches Digital RMB Payment Function
China's Guangzhou became the first city to launch a pilot function of a digital RMB payment code to pay for bus rides.

Bank of China Launches e-CNY Smart Contract Product for Off-campus School Education
The Bank of China, in collaboration with the Education Bureau and financial authorities of Longquanyi District, Chengdu, has launched an educational electronic RMB smart contract prepaid fund management product, according to Chinese news media

Tether Says No Chinese Commercial Papers Holding on its Reserve
Tether Holdings Ltd, the USDT stablecoin issuer, has once again rebutted growing rumours about the composition of its reserve base. The issuer said they have no Renminbi holdings on its reserve.

QNB Extends RippleNet Remittance Transfer to the Phillippines
The duo of the Qatari National Bank (QNB) and China Banking Corporation (China Bank), are expanding the remittance capabilities of the RippleNet protocol for the benefit of Filipinos living in Qatar.

China Expands Digital Yuan Pilot Sites to 23 regions across 15 Provinces
The People's Bank of China announced that it will expand the digital yuan pilot program from 11 regions to 23 regions in 15 provinces and cities.

Chinese-based BSN to Launch First International Expansion in August: CNBC
Chinese state-backed blockchain company Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is reportedly to launch an international project overseas within serval months, according to CNBC citing people with the matter.

Underground Bitcoin Mining Pushes China to 2nd Spot in Terms of Hashrate, Study Reveals
The ban on cryptocurrency mining by the Chinese government has not shelved mining activities in the country.

China’s Guangdong Province Orders Fresh Crackdown on Bitcoin Mining
Guangdong regulators have revamped a new mechanism for investigations and confiscations of crypto mining activities.

HKMA Seeks Public Consultation for e-HKD Development
In Hong Kong, the local financial regulator has issued a discussion paper to the public, asking for the public opinions about introducing domestic retail central bank digital currency.

Chinese Tech Giants Pull the Plug on NFTs to Wade Off Regulatory Crackdown
WeChat has started suspending the accounts of NFT outfits on grounds that they violated its policies on illegal trading, local media reported.

Chinese Police Arrests Masterminds, Seizes $8.46M in Crypto Connected to Online Pyramid Scheme
Chinese police officers, specifically those operating from the Pingchuan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Baiyin City, Gansu Province have cracked a case involving a pyramid scheme that was built around the XRP digital currency.

Chinese Tech Giants Cautiously Invest in the Metaverse
Chinese mega unicorns are certainly investing in the metaverse, despite many firms are taking a cautious approach, given Beijing’s current crackdown on tech companies.

Digital Yuan Transactions Overtakes Visa during Beijing Winter Olympics
According to a Wall Street Journal, at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the number of transactions using the digital yuan greatly exceeded that of Visa.

U.S. Should Examine Chinese Digital Yuan Rollout during Winter Olympics: Senator Toomey
Senator Pat Toomey, a senior member of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, urges the Treasury and State Departments closely examine Beijing’s CBDC rollout during the Olympic Games.

China Announces 15 Pilot Zones for Testing Blockchain Tech
China announced 15 pilot zones for testing the application of blockchain technology for several service sectors.

ADB Launches Blockchain Project for Cross-Border Securities Transactions in APAC
Asian Development Bank (ADB) is going to initiate a blockchain-powered project to connect securities depositories and central banks in the APAC region.

WeChat Offers Digital Yuan Payments Ahead of Beijing Winter Games
WeChat has become compatible with payments using the digital yuan ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, owner Tencent Holdings said.

China Launches Digital Yuan Pilot Wallet for Android and iOS Users
The People’s Bank of China has extended its pilot tests for the country’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or digital Yuan with the launch of a new mobile wallet for Android and iOS users.

Macau Likely to be Test Bed for China's Digital Yuan: Reuters
Macau is expected to be a testbed for China's digital yuan, also known as the e-CNY, as casino operators prepare to bid for new licenses in the city for the first time in two decades.

Thailand Sees PoW Mining Surge As China Ban Lingers On
As the popular saying goes, one man’s food is another man’s poison, the same can be said of crypto mining which is largely on the rise in Thailand amidst the persistent ban on related activities in China.

Chinese State Media Agency Xinhua to Issue First News NFT Collectables
Amid the strict restriction of cryptocurrency activities in China, Chinese state media agency Xinhua will issue its first news NFT collectables on Friday at 8 p.m.

Bitcoin's Hashrate Recovers and Hits New ATH at 182.01 EH/s
BTC miners have been able to dust themselves off following China's intensified crackdown, given that the hashrate reached historic highs of 182.01 EH/s.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Named as the Richest Ethnic Chinese Person: Caijing Reports
Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange, has been tagged the richest ethnic Chinese person alive, according to local media from China reports.

China's CCP Official Expelled for Violation Crypto Mining Ban Provisions
A former member of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) advisory body has been expelled from the party in what appears to be the first full-blown sanction of an official who has touched Beijing’s nerve against cryptocurrency mining.

Ecommerce Giant Accepts China’s Digital Yuan as Payments on Singles Day Shopping Fest
Top ecommerce accepted China’s digital currency payments during its 11-day Singles Day sales event.

HK FinTech Week: China’s eCNY Wallet Registers 140M Users, Rises 6 Times More, says PBoC Official
China’s digital yuan wallet has witnessed its user base rise six times more just after the past four months to hit 140 million active accounts.

Bitcoin Mining Experiences 8th Consecutive Difficulty Since China’s Ban
Even though miners have found the right footing by relocating to other areas like the United States, the eighth consecutive difficulty is being witnessed.

Chinese Authorities Wants McDonald's to Expand its Digital Yuan Acceptance
Chinese authorities are reportedly mounting pressure on McDonald’s as well as other American firms to expand their acceptance of the e-CNY

US Now Ranks Ahead of China in Total Bitcoin Mining Servers Hosted
The United States now ranks as the largest Bitcoin mining hub, ahead of China with 35.4% of the global hash rate as of the end of August.

Binance To Terminate Chinese Yuan Transactions after China's Strong Encryption Ban
Binance announced today that it will terminate C2C Chinese Yuan trading before the end of this year. The action is considered a backlash in response to China’s latest crypto ban.

Russia Won't Follow in the Footsteps of China's Total Ban on Crypto Transactions: Russian Deputy FM
The Russian government said it will not follow China's comprehensive ban on cryptocurrency and has no plans to prohibit investors from buying cryptocurrencies in the foreign exchange market.

Semiconductor Design Company Bitmain Suspends Sales of Antminers in Mainland China
The multinational semiconductor company Bitmain Technology Holding announced that from October 11, 2021, Bitmain's Antminer will stop shipping to mainland China in order to comply with a series of local bans on strict crackdowns on cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin Terminates Accounts of China’s Users, Following Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Crypto exchange KuCoin has revealed that it is closing accounts associated with Chinese users. The development is another blow to investors in Bitcoin and other crypto-assets in Mainland China amid the latest crackdown on the sector.

CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, TradingView Blocked in China after Toughened Cryptocurrency Clampdown
Millions of crypto users in China suddenly found themselves unable to access TradingView, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko, a time the country renewed its fresh crackdown on crypto assets.

China’s Ethereum Mining Pool Sparkpool To Stop Offering Services Following PBOC’s Clampdown on Crypto
Sparkpool, an Hangzhou-based Ethereum mining pool in China, has suspected of providing its services to its customers in China and further plans to halt the services abroad.

Investors Flock to the DEX dYdx with its Token with Rising by 50% after the Clampdown from China
Since last Friday, the People's Bank of China began to crack down on cryptocurrency trading, a large number of Chinese traders seem to have turned their trading venues to dYdX- a decentralized leveraged trading exchange.

Huobi Global Announces it is Moving Out of China as Clampdown Intensifies
Huobi Global, one of the world’s largest digital currency trading platforms has announced it will gradually unwind its services in mainland China

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana And Other Crypto Prices Further Plunge Following China’s Fresh Crypto Ban
Cryptocurrency markets have experienced other crashes on Friday amid China’s Central bank renewed ban on cryptocurrency transactions.

The Central Bank of China Reiterates All Crypto-related Transactions are Illegal
The Chinese government once again stepped up its suppression of cryptocurrency transactions, and the Chinese central bank stated that all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal.

China Evergrande's Financial Crisis Triggered Monday's Sell-off, Crypto Prices Follow the Slump
The Crypto market slumped as fueled by the financial crises of China Evergrande.

BSN Has Partnered with MetaverseSociety to Launch the South Korean BSN Portal Operator in November
BSNbase has partnered with the South Korean MetaverseSociety to launch the BSN portal operator in November, supporting Korean developers to quickly and efficiently build and operate blocks through its localized BSN platform Chain application.

Chinese State-Owned Banks Start Exploring Digital Yuan Use-Cases for Buying Investment Funds & Insurance Products
Two Chinese state-owned banks have begun working to fund management and insurance companies to explore the use cases of digital yuan CBDC for purchasing investment funds and insurance products online.

Regulatory Clampdown Pushed US and China Down the Crypto Adoption List, Chainalysis says
Cryptocurrency analysis data platform Chainalysis released a report highlighting a declining ranking in the US and China cryptocurrency adoption rate while emerging economies record significant growth in crypto adoption.

China Continues to Influence Crypto Activities Worldwide, Study says
Blockchain data platform Chainalysis published a report Wednesday, indicating China remains one of the largest cryptocurrency markets worldwide and continues to influence crypto activities worldwide.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Rebounding after Engaging a 50% Drop
Bitcoin’s hashrate seems to be on an upward trajectory after nosediving by 50% amid an intensified crackdown on crypto mining by Chinese authorities.

GOP Senators Urge US Olympic Committee to Bar Athletes from Using Digital Yuan, China Rebukes Criticism
Three U.S. Republican senators urged United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) to ban American athletes from acquiring or using digital yuan (e-CNY) in the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. China rebukes their criticism.

Bitcoin Mining Geographical Distribution Shifts as U.S. Becoming the Biggest Beneficiary
BTC mining is becoming more geographically distributed after China's clampdown on Bitcoin mining recently.

Bitcoin Mining in China Dropped before the Latest Crackdown
New research conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) shows that Bitcoin mining in China has already nosediving even before the government started cracking the whip on crypto mining in May.

Chinese Blockchain News Flash Media Platform Bi Shi Suspends its Operations
China's well-known cryptocurrency advisory platform- Bi Shi Jie, has reportedly temporarily suspended its App and website operations.

China Anhui Province Becomes the Latest Region to Crack the Whip on Crypto Mining
Anhui, an eastern Chinese province, has become the latest region to shut down all crypto mining activities, according to local media, citing an acute power shortage.

Crypto Trading Volumes in Exchanges Sank by Over 40% in June
The ripple effect of the recent crypto market crash continued to be felt as trading volumes at major exchanges nosedived by more than 40% in June.

IBC Group Terminates BTC & ETH Mining Operations in China
IBC Group announced to terminate their crypto mining operation and facilities across China in response to the recent clampdown from the Chinese authorities.

Michael Saylor: China's Clampdown on Crypto will be a "Trillion-Dollar-Mistake"
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said the recent Chinese crackdown on cryptocurrency and mining activities would be a trillion-dollar mistake.

Bitcoin Mining Might Become More Easier and Lucrative Following China’s Crackdown
While Chinese authorities were intensifying the Bitcoin (BTC) mining crackdown, some crypto experts believe this might be a blessing in disguise to this sector.

Topnotch Bitcoin Mining Machine Manufacturer Bitmain Suspends Sales due to Chinese Crackdown
The world's top bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it would suspend the sale of mining machines worldwide in response to the Chinese government's recent crackdown on domestic mining activites.

Jim Cramer Sold Most of His Bitcoin Holdings but Willing to Buy Again If Prices Fall to Near $10,000
CNBC host Jim Cramer said he is willing to purchase buy Bitcoin again if its price fall to near $100,000, he has revealed has sold nearly all of his Bitcoin holdings due to recent cyberattacks and China’s crackow on crypto.

Retail Momentum on the Bitcoin Network Slows Down by BTC’s Sinking Social Sentiment
Crypto analyst Joseph Young noted that a slow down in retail momentum and miners moving out of China were affecting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Plunges to $32,266 amid the Intensified FUD Sentiment from China
As China has strengthened the supervision of cryptocurrency mining and related trading, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) sentiment has intensified among investors. BTC/USDT plummeted nearly 10% today, as low as $32,266.

China Shuts Down Over 90% BTC Capacity, Sichuan BTC Sites Massively Offline
China intensified law enforcement against domestic Bitcoin mining activities. Bitcoin mining sites in Sichuan Province were reportedly massively disconnected by losing power supply and abilities for further BTC mining operations.

Miami Mayor Embraces Chinese Bitcoin Miners
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said the city open doors to Bitcoin miners from China as a new home for Bitcoin mining.

Over 1,100 Suspects Arrested in China on Crypto-related Crimes
China took joint national actions to arrest more than 1,100 suspects involving committing crimes by conducting cryptocurrencies unlawful trading.

Chinese MIIT Issues Guidance on Blockchain Technology
China has issued guidelines for promoting the application of blockchain technology and industrial development.

China's CBDC Testing Advances along 19.25M Yuan Distribute to Residents
The Digital Yuan testing is extending to Shanghai as residents will be given free money worth 19.25 million yuan.

$6.2 Million Worth of Digital Yuan is Officially Piloted in Beijing
The Chinese digital renminbi is officially piloted in the capital of China-Beijing. The authority plans to issue a total of $6.2 million worth of digital currency to Beijing residents through a lottery, totaling 40 million RMB.

Bitcoin Miners from Inner Mongolia and Sichuan Are Selling BTC Mining Tools
As the plans to clamp down on Bitcoin mining dawns in China, many miners in the mainland are listing their hardware for sale.

China’s Crypto Mining Clampdown Sparked by Illegal Coal Extraction
China’s latest crackdown on cryptocurrency mining was prompted by an increase in the illegal coal extraction.

HSBC CEO: No Plans for Launching Crypto Trading
HSBC revealed that the bank has no plan to offer virtual currency as investments to their clients by starting cryptocurrency trading.

Number of Ethereum Whales on the Decline as Market Sees a Massive Correction
Ethereum holders, those with at least 100 coins are on the decline.

China Financial Institutions Bars Crypto as Payment Tools
Three major regulatory bodies in China have prohibited banks and financial firms to provide cryptocurrencies transaction services.

Elon Musk Criticizes Bitcoin Mining for Being Highly Centralized in China, Hinting that Tesla May Dump Bitcoin
Elon Musk’s tweets have served to create headwind for Bitcoin, sending the cryptocurrency on a steep plunge.

Top Chinese State-Owned Banks Promote Digital Yuan Ahead of Shanghai 'Shopping Festival'
Chinese state-owned banks are reportedly promoting the country's CBDC ahead of a major shopping festival in Shanghai, which takes place on May 5.

China's Digital Yuan to be Made Available to Visitors During 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has confirmed its plans to make its Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) available to foreign athletes and visitors at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Bahamas Ranks First as The Country with Most Advanced Retail CBDC Development
The Bahamas narrowly beats Cambodia because its CBDC is available to all citizens.

Bitcoin Mining Pools Negatively Impacted as Northwest China Undergoes a Complete Blackout
The hashrate of various Bitcoin (BTC) mining pools dropped based on the blackout experienced in Northwest China, as acknowledged by pseudonymous Chinese journalist Wu Blockchain.

China Could Be Using Bitcoin as a Financial Weapon Against the US, Says PayPal Co-Founder
Peter Thiel is worried that China could be using Bitcoin to undermine the US.

China's Inner Mongolia to Shut Down Bitcoin Mining Operations Due to Energy Efficiency Concerns
A major Bitcoin mining hub in China, Inner Mongolia will be shutting down its extensive mining operations by April of this year.

Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week 2021 to Showcase International Technological Bridges
A nearly week-long premiere virtual event will feature industry leaders discussing the most exciting use cases of blockchain application in fintech, healthtech, investment banking, supply chain etc., as well as strengthen links between China’s own Greater Bay Area and other countries.

3 Ways Biden Can Be Friendly With China
I’ve often viewed myself as both a global citizen and a bridge between East and West. The Biden Administration has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine America’s role in the global economy and pave the way for success in world with two equal economic superpowers. Here’s how…

North America To Get Its First Bitcoin Mining Pool to Rival China’s Crypto Mining Dominance
US-based Titan crypto mining software company sets to launch the first Enterprise-Grade Bitcoin Mining Pool in North America.

China’s Digital Yuan Launch Could Threaten Macau’s Gambling Industry
Gambling businesses in Macau fear that the launch of digital yuan would render them obsolete.

PlusToken Crypto Scam Masterminds to Serve 11 Years in Prison
The ringleaders of the PlusToken Ponzi Scheme have been charged with 11 years of prison after they stole cryptocurrencies worth 14.8 billion yuan.

Ripple (XRP) CEO on How China Is Controlling Bitcoin and Will Potentially Dominate All Cryptocurrencies
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse explained why the majority of Bitcoin (BTC) was controlled by China, as he discussed the country's role in the blockchain sector.

Cryptos Confiscated from $4.2 Billion PlusToken Scam Likely Sold by Chinese Police, says Journalist Colin Wu
China’s crypto journalist Colin Wu believes that Chinese police have sold cryptocurrencies seized from the $4.2 billion PlusToken Ponzi crackdown.

China’s President Xi Jinping Asks ASEAN Countries to Join Hands in Building A ‘Digital Silk Road’
China’s President Xi Jinping is calling for greater collaboration among ASEAN member states and has asked them to promote a ‘Digital Silk Road’ in the region.

Director of National Intelligence Warns US SEC of China’s Cryptocurrency Dominance
National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe has warned the US Securities and Exchange Commission that China’s cryptocurrency dominance could put the US at a disadvantage.

Suzhou Next City in China to Test Digital Yuan DCEP in Red Envelope Event
China’s central bank is scheduled to test its digital yuan dubbed the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) in a second red packet lottery event in Suzhou on December 12.

Exclusive: Neo Founder and Onchain CEO Da Hongfei on the Future of the Digital Economy with Blockchain
Blockchain.News interviewed Da Hongfei, the founder of the Neo blockchain, to understand more about the development of blockchain in China.

OKB Token Price Rises Over 10% on News of OKEx Exchange Founder’s Release
Circulating rumors of OKEx exchange founder Mingxing “Star” Xu’s release from the custody of Chinese authorities has seen the OKB token surge over 10% today.

Why 74% of Chinese Crypto Miners Are Having Difficulty Paying Their Electricity Bills
Crackdown on money laundering and fraud in the Chinese crypto space has seen cryptocurrency miners pay the price, as cards linked to crypto have been frozen.

Jack Ma Pays Price: 2.1 Trillion Yuan Ant IPO for 21 Minutes Speech
Analysis of what happened to Ant Group after Jack Ma's speech on financial regulation, and the secrets of the Ant Group business.

China’s President Xi Jinping Killed Ant Group’s $37 Billion IPO After Jack Ma Criticism
President Xi Jinping made the decision to stop the world’s largest-ever IPO after Ant Group’s Jack Ma spoke out against China's financial regulation and banking system.

Exclusive | FUSANG CEO: CCB’s $3 Billion in Blockchain-Based Debt Bonds is Rise of Crypto 2.0
According to FUSANG CEO Henry Chong, the CCB's historic blockchain-based bond listing, the first tranche of $3 billion in debt, marks a transition into what he calls “Crypto 2.0”

Slow and Steady Wins the CBDC Race: Why the US is not Concerned with China's Speed
Slow and steady wins the CBDC Race: there are several reasons why the United States' digital dollar development has an edge over China’s speedy approach to its digital yuan.

Standard Chartered Undertakes First Cross-Blockchain Trade Transaction Between Hong Kong and Mainland China
Standard Chartered has made a milestone by completing its first cross-blockchain trade finance pilot transaction between Hong Kong and China.

PBoC Governor Yi Gang Reports $300 Million in Digital Yuan Pilot Transactions
China’s digital yuan pilot testing in four of its cities has recorded a sum of nearly $300 million (two billion yuan) in transactions according to the People’s Bank of China's Head.

Facebook's Libra Sparked CBDC Race, COVID-19 Made Central Banks Realize Its Necessity
Digital innovation and central bank digital currency adoption (CBDC) have been on the rise despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. What has driven CBDC forward?

Chinese City Eyes Blockchain Applications for Urban Governance and Smart Education
Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan province, aims to develop blockchain applications to revolutionize cross-border trade, urban governance, and smart education by 2022.

HSBC and Wave Facilitate Blockchain-Powered Trade Between New Zealand and China
HSBC and Wave facilitated a blockchain trade transaction for the shipment of milk powder from New Zealand dairy processor Fonterra to China’s Sichuan New Hope Trading.

China to be First Cashless Society with Digital Yuan Launch in 2022, SCMP Report
China is poised to become the world’s first cashless society should roll out its Digital Yuan DCEP before it hosts the 2022 Winter Olympics according to the SCMP

China's DCEP Will Not Compete With WeChat and AliPay
China’s digital currency also known as the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) will not be competing with WeChat and AliPay says Research head.

People's Bank of China Seeks to Prohibit the Creation of Digital Tokens
The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is calling for public opinion or feedback in line with its plans to revise its extant banking laws

Blockchain Allowed 17 Million People to Travel Between Macau and China During Coronavirus
A blockchain-powered QR health code system has been instrumental in enabling at least 17 million people to travel between the Chinese mainland and Macau since May.

Hong Kong to “Seize the Opportunities” of China’s Digital Yuan CBDC Development
The Hong Kong government is considering collaborating with the mainland Chinese authorities on the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) project.

US-China Tech War and Data Concerns Could Create the Splinternet
Political tensions between the United States and China have been rising with some experts predicting the divide on data standards has grown large, it could split the internet.

China’s $1.5 Million Digital Yuan Giveaway in Shenzhen Left Analysts Excited, Citizens Unimpressed
As part of China’s rollout of its central bank digital currency (CBDC), the government had a $1.5 million giveaway of digital yuan to its citizens in Shenzhen.

China’s Petrochemical Sector Conducts First Blockchain-Powered Warehouse Receipt Finance
China’s petrochemical industry has accomplished the first-ever blockchain-enabled digital warehouse receipt pledge financing transaction to minimize costs.

Trump's National Security Council Sees DLT as Critical Weapon in US-China Tech War
The United States National Security Council has named distributed ledger technology (DLT) as one the most critical focus areas in its tech war with China and Russia.

Trump Administration May Consider Placing China’s Ant Group on Trade Blacklist
The US State Department recently submitted a proposal to add Ant Group to a trade blacklist, inhibiting the fintech giant’s business operations within the US.

Chinese Province Eyes Blockchain-Powered Points Reward System to Boost Tourism
Hainan, a southern island province of China, is developing a blockchain-enabled points reward program aimed at promoting tourism in the region.

China to Award DCEP Worth $1.5 Million to Shenzhen Residents to Test Digital Yuan
China’s central bank, the People's Bank of China (PBOC), has teamed up with Shenzhen city to distribute DCEP worth 10 million yuan, approximately $1.5 million to residents.

Ripple Co-Founder Hints Move From US Regulation: “Blockchain and Digital Currencies are not Welcome”
Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen is considering moving Ripple’s base from the United States due to crushing biased regulation.

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency DCEP Has Been Processed in Pilot Transactions Worth 1.1 Billion Yuan
In the race to be the first country to launch a functional CBDC, China appears to be in the lead, as it has begun experimenting with its digital currency.

Tech Adoption Fueled by COVID-19, Will Global Blockchain Adoption Be Accelerated Too?
Coronavirus has driven global economies and businesses to the ground, but one industry that has benefitted from the pandemic appears to be the tech sector.

Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf on Blockchain Interoperability, China's BSN, ID2020 and CBDC
Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger discusses open-source software development and blockchain technology, China's BSN, ID2020, and CBDC.

China Promotes DeFi and Ethereum on CCTV, But Isn't Crypto Banned?
A segment on China's CCTV appeared to actively promote Etheruem and DeFi, but isn't Beijing anti-crypto?

Gambling Rings Use Cryptocurrency to Transfer $145.5 Billion of Funds Outside China Every Year, Official Report Reveals
Government officials identified that cryptocurrencies are used to collect and transfer 1 trillion yuan out of China to online gambling and casinos every year.

Ant Group Launches Blockchain-Powered System to Help SMEs in Cross-Border Trade
China's Ant Group established a blockchain-enabled smart contract platform Trusple to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for cross-border trades.

China Unlikely to Approve Oracle and Walmart’s TikTok Deal – Blockchain and Bitcoin Implications
China appears to be on edge regarding Oracle and Walmart’s deal with parent company ByteDance for TikTok’s US operations, calling it an “unfair deal.”

Chinese E-Commerce Giant to Build CBDC Digital Wallet to Support China’s DCEP has recently partnered with the People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute to build mobile apps and wallets to support China’s CBDC.

China PBOC Views CBDC Race as "New Battlefied" Between Sovereign Nations
China through its apex bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has reiterated its desire to be the first nation to issue a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

President Donald Trump Approves Oracle Deal, Ban Averted for TikTok but not WeChat
President Trump approved the TikTok deal that Oracle has been working on, postponing a scheduled ban of the video-sharing platform and of WeChat.

FBI Arrests 2 Hackers for Ransomware and “Crypto-Jacking” Scams, 5 Chinese Suspects Still at Large
The DoJ and the FBI seized two criminals connected to a cybercrime targeting over 100 companies in the US and abroad with ransomware, crypto jacking and more.

China’s Blockchain Services Network Now Under Major Development Alongside "Digital Fujian" Project in the Province
China’s Blockchain Services Network has been in development in the Fujian province, recently along with its 20 main blockchain projects.

US Legislators Approve Digital Taxonomy and American COMPETE Blockchain Bills in Tech Race with China
US lawmakers approved the American COMPETE Act and the Digital Taxonomy Act, in an active race against China the blockchain and technological sector.

China's Crypto Adoption is Ahead of the US, According to Chainalysis’ On-Chain Metrics
Chainalysis recently published a report on the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and found that China is ahead of the US on the list.

United States Congress Will Vote on American COMPETE Act to ‘Beat China’ in Blockchain Technology
United States Congress will vote today on a bill that specifically aims to ensure the US remains competitive with China in the race for blockchain supremacy.

Tencent Uses Blockchain in Annual "99 Giving Day" Charity Campaign
Chinese internet giant Tencent will use of blockchain technology in its annual internet charity campaign dubbed “99 Giving Day.”

Chinese Yuan Poised to Become the World’s Third Largest Reserve Currency by 2030—Is DCEP Part of the Plan?
Morgan Stanley analysts are predicting that the Chinese yuan will become the third-largest reserve currency in the world, is the DCEP part of the plan?

China Plans to Thwart Procedural Violations in the Police Force and Courtrooms with Blockchain
China has laid plans to use a new automated system powered by blockchain and other technologies to propel surveillance of its judges and police officers.

Major China Bank Disables Digital Yuan Wallet Registration After Launch Draws Intense Public Attention
China Construction Bank (CCB) opened registration service for the DCEP wallet via its mobile app but disabled the new feature shortly after.

Bank for International Settlements Reveals Findings on Central Bank Digital Currencies
The Bank for International Settlements released its analysis report in which it evaluated central bank digital currencies globally.

China’s DCEP Aims to Restructure the Payment Network While Maintaining a “Normal” Monetary Policy
A Chinese senior central bank official said China should maintain a “normal” monetary policy as the country has been recovering from COVID-19 smoothly.

China's DCEP Testing Limited to Small Retail Transactions for Now
The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has affirmed that the testing of its CBDC project is concentrated only to small scale transactions for now.

Huawei and Beijing Municipal Government Develop Blockchain-Based Data Directory System
Telecoms giant Huawei has joined hands with the Beijing Municipal Government to create a blockchain-powered directory system. It is aimed at addressing the headache of weak applications, scattered coordination, and data sharing in various departments.

Ripple Co-Founder says US-China Tech Cold War Will Be Won and Lost on Crypto and Blockchain Battlefield
Ripple Co-Founder, Chris Larsen believes the Cold Tech War between China and the United States is going to be won and lost on the blockchain battlefield.

Chainalysis Research: Crypto Assets Worth $50 Billion Exited China in 2019
Tether and cryptocurrency assets valued at nearly $50 billion left China in 2019 according to Chainalysis.

China’s CBDC Testing Expansions Exaggerated, Digital Currency Details Revealed
A source close to the matter said that China's CBDC pilot program "has not yet been expanded on a large scale," and the test is just "internal and closed.”

DBS Bank Claims COVID-19 Accelerated Central Banks' Interest in Digital Currencies
DBS Bank has pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic has caused a “troubled and intrigued” dilemma for central banks around the world.

China to Prioritize Testing its Central Bank Digital Currency in Wealthier Cities First
China is planning a more extensive expansion of the testing of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) after reportedly starting its first tests in the Greater Bay Area.

Federal Reserve Digital Dollar DLT Testing Underway But CBDC Monetary Policy Lags
Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainaird announced that the United States Federal Reserve is currently experimenting with blockchain and DLT in pursuit of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) or digital dollar.

TikTok Encryption Layer Bypassed Google Android Safeguards to Track Users Data
Following President Trump’s executive order against TikTok, new evidence has revealed that the social media app had been collecting unique identifiers from millions of mobile devices, allowing the China-based app to track user’s online without permission.

China Hand-Picks the Greater Bay Area Surrounding Hong Kong to be the First to Deploy its CBDC
China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) has been successfully launched earlier this year and the country is currently continuing its path towards fully launching its digital currency electronic payment (DCEP).

Australian Female Hacker Sentenced to 2 Years of Prison for $400K Ripple (XRP) Crypto Heist
Australia recorded one of its first cases of cryptocurrency theft recently.