Mogu Token Lists on South Korean Exchange Bitsonic

Jillian Godsil   Dec 16, 2019 08:31 3 Min Read

MOGX, rewarding connectivity as part of Mogu’s ‘router revolution’, lists on second exchange

Mogu, an Asia-Pacific technology firm currently scaling distributed, micro-cloud infrastructure through the deployment of household smart routers, announced its token (MOGX) listing today on the Bitsonic exchange. Bitsonic is a market-leading cryptocurrency exchange located in Seoul, South Korea.

Bitsonic, the second exchange listing for Mogu, follows the MOGX token debut on CoinTiger in September 2019. After launching on CoinTiger, MOGX reached an open-market high of $0.70, a 250% increase over the initial entry price of $0.20.

MOGX is used to power the Mogu ecosystem and rewards users of Mogu smart routers who chose to opt-in and become a node on Mogu’s intelligent distributed server network (DSN). Nodes can share their storage and/or idle computing power, supplying all users on the network with more efficient server power, thereby providing a faster, more affordable, easy-to-use, community-owned alternative to big cloud infrastructure. Mogu’s managed microservices infrastructure focuses on speed, cost advantage, collaborative economy, interoperability and efficiency.

Simon Stephen, CEO of Mogu, welcomed the opportunity to list the token on a secondary exchange.  “We are very impressed with Bitsonic. We were looking for a transparent, well-received and honest exchange. As far as we are concerned, Bitsonic ticks all the boxes. They have a strong organic database of clients and we look forward to sharing our community with theirs. Liquidity is the end goal when listing tokens on an exchange  – we have the product, the network and the database and now we have a means creating a strong platform for our token, helping us to expand across Asia and globally.”

“The MOGX listing is the next step towards our vision of a decentralized, distributed infrastructure that not only rewards connectivity, but provides prime users and gamers with in-built acceleration functionality for bandwidth-intensive activities and optimized online experience. We believe that it is only by acting together, in what we call a ‘router revolution’, that we can bring about humanity’s full potential to effect positive change.”

The details of the listing are as follows:

MOGX/BTC, MOGX/ETH, MOGX/USDT & MOGX/KRW trading pairs have been made available as of 2019/12/16 (Monday) 14:00 (GMT+8).

Project Name:     Mogu

Token Name:     MOGX

Token Type:       ERC-20 Token

Official Website:

Total Supply:     1,000,000,000 MOGX

About Mogu

Mogu was founded in 2015, as part of the Charter Group, with a strong team across the Asia Pacific working together on building the world’s first distributed server network. In 2018, Mogu received an independent valuation of USD 208 million. Consumer routers are a scalable, proven mature technology with under-utilised resources (computer processing power, storage and bandwidth). Mogu explores clustering, distribution and cryptocurrency incentives to implement a large-scale, high-performance distributed computing and storage infrastructure which is blockchain agnostic, interoperable and compatible with the collaborative consumption of data.

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About Bitsonic

Bitsonic is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Skoop Media in early 2018, a leading mobile application developer in Korea. Skoop Media has created several top mobile applications in South Korea, including leading food delivery app Baedal Minjok ride-sharing app SOCAR, and webcomin app Naver Webtoon, managed by Korean tech giant Naver. It currently has a 24-hour trading volume of ₿403.09 from 59 coins and 77 trading pairs.

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