What are the 2 Key Takeaways in HKU FinTech Africa Conference?

By Matthew Lam   May 14, 2019 2 Min Read

What are the 2 Key Takeaways in HKU FinTech Africa Conference?


The four guest speakers – Douglas Arner of HKU, Gareth Lai of Lumen, Coen Jonker of Tyme Global and Elliot Hoffman of Paxful, address the current situation of Fintech development in Africa in the first keynote. All of the speakers reach a consensus without detailed discussion that Africa has huge potential for Fintech development.

Mobile bankingcompressed.jpgMobile and banking penetration across Asia and Australia.

An interesting fact is that China, as one of the fastest growing economy in the globe, has only 63% banking population, which indicates that there is a huge opportunity in terms of banking prospect in China. Among the listed countries, Vietnam has the lowest percentage of formally banked – only 21%, while Australia and New Zealand topped the list with 99%. These remarkable researches show the opportunity of fintech development in terms of virtual banking as well as digital assets management.

Four guest speakers – Angela Itzikowitz of ENSfrica, Nick Von Christerson of Diginex, Steve Wong of Belt and Road Blockchain Association and Max Song of Blockdynamics are featured in the second keynote. In this panel, they mainly focus on the development in banking, payments, and new technologies covering blockchain applications, AML, eKYC, digital identity etc.

TUSD Mintingcompressed.jpgCurrent state of TUSD minting.

Max Song further explained the current state of TUSD mining. There are three exhibits – Total TUSD Minted/Month, Number of Minting Address/Month and Average Amount Minted by Address/Month. Combining the data from these three important graphs, we can conclude that more people started to mint TUSD yet the average minting volume is decreasing.

In the two panel discussion sessions, all guest speakers share the same belief – Fintech is inevitable in the coming years. They believe that our current living ecosystem will definitely be changed by various booming technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing etc. All of them believe that regulation and education are the first steps for society leaders to adopt. Technological development will not be successful without the regulatory effort by governments. The general public can gain knowledge in blockchain through education from various institutions, such as private sectors, universities and governments.

All in all, Blockchain.News shares the same vision as the guest speakers – Fintech is a game changer in our world. We all look forward to the future development of technologies all around the globe.

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