One in Five Cryptocurrency Holders is a Woman

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One in five cryptocurrency holders is a woman, as revealed in the survey conducted by Bitpanda and GlobalWebIndex. The objective of the survey was to draw data points to paint a holistic picture of European crypto investors.  


The survey sampled almost 5000 internet users across 17 European markets to draw insight into the attitudes and behaviors of European cryptocurrency investors.  


Some of the characteristics among the cryptocurrency holders are open to risk, the pursuit of novelty, and a strong sense of economic empowerment. The survey also found 48% of European cryptocurrency holders are business decision-makers, with 24% of working cryptocurrency holders are in IT or engineering.  


One of the highlights of the survey was that there was an increased diversity among cryptocurrency holders than previously expected. Contrary to the typical stereotype of cryptocurrency holders who are young and highly educated males, the survey found that one in five crypto holders are women, and 40% are over 35 years old. Moreover, 54% do not have university degrees.  


Eric Demuth, CEO of Bitpanda, said, “We wanted to demystify the people that shape the cryptocurrency industry. I’m hoping this report will help everyone to better understand who these people are, what their attitudes are, as well as their lifestyle, finance & investment behaviors.” 

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