Justin Sun Wins $4.5 Million Bid And A Lunch With Warren Buffet

By Kavita Gupta   Jun 04, 2019 2 Min Read

It seems all eyes are on the Founder of Tron and CEO of P2P file sharing protocol BitTorrent, Justin Sun, who bid and won 20th Annual Charity Lunch with Warren Buffet, the American business investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The crypto entrepreneur paid $4.57 million for charity lunch with a long-time Bitcoin skeptic Oracle of Omaha.

Justin Sun was all over media when he announced his victory over Twitter on June 3, 2019.

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The very same day, Justin also wrote an open letter to the entire Tron Community explaining to them the significance of the charity lunch with Warren Buffet and his expectations from the meeting.

A long-time believer of Buffet’s long-term value investing strategy, Justin Sun believes investing in cryptocurrencies is all about long-term value investments, blockchain being the underlying technology.

He wrote, “ I look at the upcoming lunch with Buffett as an opportunity to seek mutual understanding and growth. To aid in the conversation and support the overall cryptocurrency and blockchain community, I will invite several industry leaders — with your input — to accompany me to New York City for the lunch.”

All the money from the massive bid will be donated to GLIDE Foundation working for homeless and needy in San Francisco. According to Justin Sun, this is not only the win of TRON Foundation but the entire blockchain community.

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