How to Catch 3 Trillion Blockchain Business Value in 4 Ways?

By Matthew Lam   May 31, 2019 2 Min Read

Blockchain professionals and local artists gathered to embrace “a new entertainment ecosystem powered by blockchain technology” on 30 May, Hong Kong. The audience have two questions before the event:

1) How to catch the blockchain wave in 4 ways?

2) How blockchain can solve the current pain points in entertainment industry?

The event commenced with Moses Moyung on the mission and strategic initiatives of Molecular Hub. In the next keynote, Linus Leung of Active Concept limited highlighted that derivative works are usually gaining much popularity than original contents. He believed this is one pain point for original content creators as this can discourage their incentive to create contents. At the same time, he wondered how blockchain can solve this pain point.

3 predictioncompressed-min.jpg

Matthew Lam of Blockchain.News shared his insights on how we can catch the blockchain wave in 4 ways. Prior to that, he indicated 3 key predictions on the future of blockchain technology:

1) Worldwide blockchain spending to reach 11.7 Billion by 2022 (IDC, 2018);

2) 10% of World’s GDP stored in crypto assets by 2027 (Cisco, 2018);

3) Business value-added by Blockchain to exceed 3.1 Trillion by 2030 (Gartner, 2019)

He then highlighted that with enormous potential of blockchain development, we can prepare for this “blockchain wave” in 4 ways:

1) Classics: Revisit the history of Bitcoin and blockchain;

2) Interview: Learn the voice from blockchain industry leaders;

3) Events: Attend insightful blockchain events;

4) Analysis: Read in-depth industry analysis