Event Rating: Next Block Asia Conference, Bangkok

By Matthew Lam   Jul 01, 2019 2 Min Read

Held in W Hotel, Bangkok 25-26 June, the Next Block Asia Conference gathers over hundreds of blockchain and financial professionals in connecting the world of crypto and traditional finance. Check out our rating for this event!

Overall: B

Theme of the event: 3/5

Next Block Asia Conference focused on blockchain and crypto for Day 1, and CFDs and affiliates for Day 2. However, we can see that most of the presentations and panel discussion in Day 2 are related to blockchain and crypto, instead of CFDs. Even there’s a panel on “Marketing Crypto, Forex and CFD’s in Europe and Asia: How to boost ROI and stay compliant?”, the discussion focused on crypto rather than CFDs. For the speaker lineups, most of them are from crypto and blockchain industry instead of traditional finance professionals.

Scale of event: 3.5/5

When the Day 2 of Next Block Asia is supposed to relate to CFDs, we expect there will be more traditional finance professionals as participants. However, it seems that most of the participants are from crypto and blockchain industry. Besides, we observe that the seats in the main conference hall are often 60-70% full for most of the presentations and panel discussions, which leaves rooms of improvement for event organizers.

Promotional content: 3.5/5

There are promotional contents during the presentations of some speakers. In general, the amount of promotional content is acceptable in the event.

Event logistics, transportation and accommodation: 3/5

Next Block Asia is held in W Hotel, Bangkok. The location is convenient and easily accessible via Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). However, there was a 30 minutes delay for every sessions held in Day 2, which event organizers can have a better time management next time. Besides, the time for after party is stated inconsistently among the notice board in the venue and the emails sent by event organizer, which caused confusion to some participants. 

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