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By Matthew Lam   Apr 26, 2019 2 Min Read

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The Algorand team is coming to town! Hosted by C Block Capital 25 April, the Algorand meetup gathered blockchain dApp teams, community partners and financial professionals to discuss on the blockchain trilemma and how Algorand can effectively address the issues.

Group Photo v2.jpgModerator and Speakers (From left to right), Joe Wu of Block 72, Edwin Chu of Blocksq, Jing Chen of Algorand and Margaret Yang of Singularity Financial Limited.

Jing Chen, Head of Theory Research and Chief Scientist of Algorand shared with the audience on the latest development of Algorand. As a pure PoS protocol, Jing first illustrated the pain points with other PoS protocol such as Delegated PoS and bonded PoS. She then elaborated on the vision of Algorand, as well as token mechanics, its adversary model and steps to achieve consensus.

Jing PoS.jpgJing explained the pain points of existing DPOS and BPOS blockchain protocols.

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Jing revealed the development progress of Algorand’s TestNet.

Jing also released the latest update of Algorand’s public TestNet. The TestNet can accommodate any coding languages including Go, Java and JavaScript SDKs. This new feature can simplify the coding process for developers who don’t have any blockchain experience and allow them to deploy their preferred coding language. In the Q&A section, Jing shared her thoughts on Algorand’s adoption and potential privacy concerns.

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Jing answered questions from audience regarding privacy concern of Algorand.

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