Exclusive: What are the 7 Keys to Assess IEO Projects?
IEO is undoubtedly the future direction for crypto exchanges in 2019, with 42 ended IEOs raising $266 mn to date. When all crypto exchanges launch their own IEO listing platform, the screening criteria becomes the key consideration in deciding the IEO venue for project teams.

Exclusive: How Turkish Lira Crisis Facilitates OKEx Expansion?
In Part 2 of the interview, Andy Cheung, Head of Operations at OKEx reveals the expansion strategy of OKEx! He first mentioned how OKEx entered the Turkish market with the Turkish Lira crisis, followed by the upcoming target markets in future! Andy also shares his views on how OKEx can contribute in the DATA initiative by CoinMarketCap!

Corporate Traveller: Travel Expenses Made Easy in Bitcoin!
Corporate Traveller: Travel Expenses Made Easy in Bitcoin!

How to Catch 3 Trillion Blockchain Business Value in 4 Ways?
Matthew Lam of Blockchain.News shared his insights on how we can catch the blockchain wave in 4 ways. Prior to that, he indicated 3 key predictions on the future of blockchain technology.

Weekly Market Snapshot - June 17,2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!