Women in Blockchain: Marina Petrichenko of Salamentex
How the Women in the Blockchain Industry can help foster ideas with reality to ensure financial freedom under a protected environment, through education.

Women in Blockchain: Sam Shrager of BCB Group
The Women in Blockchain Series describes the journeys of some of the pioneer women driving initiatives and changing the nature of work by leveraging this revolutionary technology.

Indian Engineering Students Develop Blockchain-based Smart Voting System
Three Computer Engineering Students have created a Blockchain-based Voting System which will allows casting of votes online, instead of the manual means of standing in a poll.

Want a Masters in Blockchain? Look no further than the "Blockchain Island"
Malta has been deemed the “Blockchain Island” based on the incredible steps made by the administration. As a result, the University of Malta is offering a Masters of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology with the first enrollment taking place this October.

Exclusive: Key Blockchain Developments and Cardano's Efforts in Africa
This is the first of our two-part interview where we had the honor to speak with CEO of IOHK and Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson. During this session he shared with us his new advisory role in Endor and how the influx of institutional money can make an impact on the blockchain industry. Charles also revealed Cardano’s efforts to expand mainstream adoption in African countries.

RIFT Protocol Solves the Scalability Problems in Blockchain
RIFT Protocol is a potential solution that could make the scalability problem in blockchain market a thing of the past.

South Africa Pioneers Blockchain-Enabled Property Register Pilot Project
The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) has teamed up with Seso Global, a blockchain property registry company, to develop the first-ever blockchain-powered property register in South Africa.

Ford Test Drives the Use of Blockchain Technology for Energy Efficient Vehicles
Blockchain technology is currently been utilized by such tech-based companies like Samsung, Facebook, IBM and so on as listed on hackernoon.com, these companies utilize different blockchain platforms but all to further solidify the position of blockchain technology in the tech world.

How Blockchain Presents Novel Use Cases in Social Good?
The CityU MBA SHARP Forum – Kindness Sustains: Novel Use of Blockchain for Social Good, is held on 6 May 2019 at the City University of Hong Kong.

EMT Pilots Facial Recognition and Blockchain Ticketing Project in Madrid
EMT, a public transportation firm in Madrid wants to use blockchain for its ticketing pilot project.

Blockchain Village at Medini (BVAM) Gets Underway
i2M Ventures has established a Blockchain Village at Medini (BVAM) intended at boosting the blockchain ecosystem in Malaysia.

Blockchain Investment Dropped 60% in 2019 despite Bitcoin's Bullish Run
Blockchain investment dropped 60% from a record 4.1 billion in 2018 to 1.6 billion this year, according to the findings of CB Insights reported on Bloomberg 18 July.

Waste2Wear to Use Blockchain in Tracing the Conversion of Ocean Plastics into Eco-Fabrics
Waste2 Wear is to trace the conversion of ocean plastic waste into eco-fabrics using blockchain technology as this will propel traceability.

Betmatch Employs Blockchain to Revolutionize Sports Betting
Betmatch views blockchain as the perfect technology needed in revolutionizing the sports betting sector based on the decentralized ledger network availed. Blockchain will provide every bettor with optimal transparency as he/she can see the entire bet terms.

Can Blockchain Fix the Housing Crisis in the UK?
Brikcoin is a very ambitious project. It seeks to tackle the chronic shortage of quality social housing in the UK. Actually, it is not just a lack of quality social housing but a lack of any social housing. Currently there are approximately 6,000 social homes built every year in the UK. This sounds fine until you understand that 120,000 are needed annually. The gap is huge and growing year on year. Governments, banks, local authorities, county councils are all stymied. In fact, they seem to be playing by an old set of rules that no longer works into today’s environment. The answer has been to sell off public land (from the public purse) to private developers. Often there is some requirement for private developers to build a percentage of social houses but equally as often this percentage is whittled down to a negligible number- if any at all. So the public purse is leaching its land to private capitalism without any long term benefit to the citizens.

South Korea Intensifies Blockchain in Banking but Rules Out Digital Fiat Currency
Wide application of blockchain technology is expected to affect people’s lives, business, education, governance, and other sectors. That is the reason, many countries explore and even deploy the huge potential of this technology. But the latest trend of the technology seems to have taken a new twist in South Korea. Now let’s find out why South Korea continues adopting blockchain in banking but rejects rolling out digital fiat currency.

Exclusive: How Government Can Drive Blockchain Adoption in Real Estates?
In Part 2 of our interview, Natalia shared with us how governments can drive blockchain adoption in real estates! From the successful example of Vermont, we also learn from Natalia on the key challenges for blockchain to go viral in the United States!

Tata Motors Seeks Blockchain-Enabled Automotive Solutions via TACNet 2.0
Tata Motors seeks to get blockchain-based solutions through a program deemed TACNet 2.0.

EOS Dublin and ConsolFreight partner to Leverage Blockchain In FreightTech
EOS Dublin, an EOS block producer and EOSIO blockchain developer, has partnered with ConsolFreight, a leading operator in the digitised Freight Forwarding industry. Together, they have conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) for the freight forwarding industry using blockchain. This development is hailed as the new intersection between Fintech and FreightTec

Canada to Become the Global Leader in the Blockchain Industry, Report Indicates
In a recently published report by the Canadian Chamber of Digital Commerce showed that Canadians in the blockchain industry are amongst the highest-earning salaries in the country. The report also noted that Canadian blockchain companies want more legal clarity, to understand where their government stands regarding regulation in Canada.