Europe takes a proactive approach on regulation of Blockchain Technology
Europe takes a proactive approach on regulation of Blockchain Technology

State of HK Crypto Regulation - Part 2 - HKMA, HKEx and more!
Part 2 HK regulation

New Regulation on STOs, Hong Kong Embracing Regulation
Hong Kong SFC Statement on Security Token Offerings

Japan FSA Seeks Regulation on Cold Wallet!
According to Reuter’s report on 17 April, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) planned to introduce a new rule for cold wallets storing cryptocurrencies in crypto exchanges.

FinCEN: DApps for Money Transmission are Subject to BSA
Decentralized Applications (DApps) now are subject to regulation that related to money transmission according to the new guidance released by the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) on May 9.

The Government is Taking Action on Bitfinex, Who's Next?
Bitfinex is being accused of misappropriating $850 million worth of clients’ assets collected through USDT. Unlike banks, which would typically cooperate with the government after being charged, the company fought back. Moreover, it released the most definite statement possible and described the US government was acting like the mafia. It even threatened the crypto community that if it were taken down by the government, the price of Bitcoin would go up to $1,000.

Yonghui, Hema among supermarkets singled out by China's food safety watchdog for breaches
Market regulator highlights 11 cases where supermarkets and online platforms sold food products that did not meet national food safety standards

India Proposed a 10-Year Jail Term for Crypto Dealings
India proposed a 10-year jail term to citizens for crypto dealings, as revealed by BloombergQuint on 6 June. This proposed regulation applies to citizens who buy, sell, mine, deal cryptocurrencies directly or indirectly in India.


The Financial Stability Board Urged for Proactive Crypto Regulation!
The Swiss financial watchdog - Financial Stability Board (FSB) urged regulators to act proactively to foresee the potential impact of cryptocurrency on financial stability. As the technology in cryptocurrency sector is fast-changing, this can lead to deficiencies in policy making on digital assets. The FSB said in a report for central bank governors and G20 finance ministers.

AMF: Beware of Crypto Training Providers!
The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) issued an announcement on April 9 to warn the operations of KUVERA LLC/KUVERA France. The company provides training courses and software solutions to promote “highly speculative” trading products among young adolescents, which includes trading cryptocurrencies and forex products. Besides, KUVERA offers subscribers compensation that automatically increases with number of subscribers recruited, which is strictly prohibited in France.

Exclusive: Why Crypto Exchanges Pursue IEO over STO?
Under the falling ICO market in 2018, security token offerings (STO) are considered as the future of ICO. However, it is notable that projects tend to fundraise via initial exchange offerings (IEO) instead in 2019. Garrett Jin, CEO of BitForex, shares to us why most crypto exchanges pursue IEO over STO in 2019. He also evaluated the competitiveness of Hong Kong and Singapore in fostering crypto exchange business!

Washington State Senate Introduced bill with Blockchain and DLT definition
The Washington State Senate introduced a bill that “recognizes the validity of distributed ledger technology”, which will amend the “purpose and construction” and “definitions” under the “Washington Electronic Authentication Act”.

ECB Coeure: Facebook’ Libra is Too Dangerous in the Regulatory Void!
The European Central Bank Executive Board member Benoit Coeure urged the financial regulators to take prompt actions regarding the advent of Facebook’s Libra coin, as reported by Bloomberg on 7 July.

Still No Approved Bitcoin ETF? Here’s the Reason behind..
The U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) decided to delay the proposal from VanEck bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) and added a 35 days period for more information gathering and research on the proposal, the official SEC filing revealed on 20 May.

Part 1: State of Hong Kong Blockchain Regulation (Government Press Release)
State of Hong Kong Blockchain Regulation revealed following a question by the Hon Charles Mok and a written reply by the Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr Nicholas W Yang, in the Legislative Council 29 May

Part 2: State of Hong Kong Blockchain Regulation (Government Press Release)
Part 2 of state of Hong Kong Blockchain regulation

(Press Release) Blockchain community open to more regulations to make technology more mainstream
Blockchain community open to more regulations to make technology more mainstream