Blockchain-Based Startups Empower Individuals to Identify Fake News
The fight against misinformation is just starting. Yet startups like Blackbird.AI and Civil are making it easier for Internet readers to identify and discount fake and misleading news. Find out more >

Artificial Intelligence Might Help Eradicate Fake Cryptocurrency News
Deepfakes may jeopardize the future because they might make fake news to blend seamlessly into our daily lives. As a result, people’s actions and viewpoints might be substantially influenced, especially in the crypto space.

Major Chinese Financial News Outlet Unveils Crypto Tracking in Mobile
One of the largest financial news portals in China, Sina Finance has enabled cryptocurrency tracking to its mobile app, as revealed by the tweet of cnLedger.

Fidelity Launches Cryptocurrency Custody Business
In a rare interview with Fidelity Investments CEO Abigaile Johnson, the Financial Times revealed that the Boston-based asset management giant is “now engaged in a full rollout” of its cryptocurrency custody and trading service.

Blockchain news一周汇总杂谈
Blockchain news一周汇总杂谈

CZ: I Personally Believe in Two Coins, BNB and BTC, That’s It
On a rainy Monday night in Moscow, on October 21st 2019, the famous influencer, game-changer, and billionaire, CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange Changpeng Zhao, widely known as CZ, met with 700+ Russian blockchainers during a special Binance Super Meetup Russia. To everyone’s delight, CZ started his speech confirming that Binance is going to launch crypto-fiat trading pairs, and the debut trading option would be tied to the Russian ruble.

New York Times Experiments with Blockchain to Combat Fake News
The New York Times made an announcement regarding their new project by their research and development team focused on experiments using blockchain.

South Korea Is Looking to Put Trade Finance on the Blockchain
The South Korean government wants all trade to be on the blockchain, Coindesk reports.

Mark Cuban Likes Blockchain; Bitcoin, Not So Much
The Dallas Mavericks may have started accepting bitcoin as payment, but Mark Cuban, the team’s owner, would rather have a bunch of bananas.

OpenAI’s Robotic Hand Can Now Solve a Rubik’s Cube One-Handed
OpenAI, the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research organization, has hit a new milestone this week.

Trump’s Former Fed Pick to Launch Cryptocurrency
Stephen Moore, President’s Trump nominee to the Federal Reserve, has set his sights on the crypto space.

Blockchain Devices Market to Grow by $1.285 Billion by 2024
Recent research by MarketsandMarkets shows a CAGR of 42.5% for blockchain devices market by 2024. The study was filtered through their report, “Blockchain Devices Market by Type (Blockchain Smartphones, Crypto Hardware Wallets, Crypto ATMs, POS Devices, & Others), Connectivity (Wired & Wireless), Application (Personal & Corporate), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2024.”

Crypto Market Update: 29 May 2019
The latest news from the Crypto Market

Blockchain Daily Digest – September 25th, 2019
Blockchain News Daily Digest

The Global Blockchain Congress 2019: Blockchain and its impact in sustainability, stable coins, privacy and other disruptive technologies
The Bank of Japan, the World Trade Organization, the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Economic Forum will participate in a global congress where a direct dialogue will be established to outline the future of the industry.

117 Smuggled Crypto Mining Machines Seized by Iranian Police
The Iranian provincial police had apprehended an individual who was said to be smuggling in cryptocurrency mining machines. This was reported by the local news agency Fars News, on July 31.

Digital Assets Market Update 12 August 2019
Latest news and updates from the digital assets market

Polish Crypto Exchange BitMarket Co-Owner Found Dead
According to the local news, Niemiro was found dead in the city of Olsztyn near his residence, it was suggested that Niemiro had committed suicide.

Good News for European Wine Lovers! EY Ensures Wine Traceability with Blockchain
“Big Four” professional services firm EY has provided its blockchain solution, the EY OpsChain Solution to Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd.’s TATTOO Wine Platform for determining the quality, provenance, and authenticity of new and vintage wines, EY official press release revealed on 23 May.

Zcash Bug Could Leak Full Nodes with Shielded IP Addresses
Duke Leto, a core developer at Komodo (KMD), recently published a blog on his personal website revealing that, “A bug has existed for all shielded address since the inception of Zcash and Zcash Protocol.” Leto explained, “That is, Alice giving Bob a zaddr to be paid, could actually allow Bob to discover Alice’s IP address. This is drastically against the design of Zcash Protocol.”