Exclusive: Talent Shortage is The Key Pain Point in AI Industry
Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging fintech trends in Hong Kong. While there are some great minds and AI companies in Hong Kong, they can’t survive without sufficient funding and technical support from government and industry leaders. We had the opportunity to invite Timothy Leung, Executive Director of HKAI Lab, to share his thoughts on how HKAI Lab facilitates the growth of AI ecosystem in Hong Kong. He also identified talent shortage is the key pain point in AI industry which hinders integration of AI and blockchain.

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit - The Event You Do Not Want to Miss in May
All eyes on Malta for the AI & Blockchain Summit

Part 2: AI Plus Blockchain? Accenture Is Doing It Wrong!
Following Part 1 of our article, we talk about mistake 3 - 5 on Accenture's example.

Exclusive: Latest PropTech Roadmap Revealed From HK No.1 Property Agency
Following Part 1 of the interview, Alex Shih revealed the latest PropTech roadmap for the HK No.1 property agency! He also shared his insights on property factorization tokenization of commercial properties in Hong Kong! He further expressed his views on the role of lawyers, banks and the Estate Agent Authority in enhancing transparency of property transactions via blockchain!

What Should My Kids Study So As Not To Be Replaced By Robots?
A look at the professions in the future which won't be replaced by AI

Part 1: AI Plus Blockchain? Accenture Is Doing It Wrong!
Knowing the kind of mistakes we are committing is just as important as knowing how to fix them. Today, I attempt to explore how to build a real application on blockchain by taking the Accenture report (issued on 11th Oct, 2018), which contains numerous mistakes, as an example.

Exclusive: Blockchain at the Stage of Tech Convergence
How does Deloitte Blockchain Lab envision the future of blockchain? Dr. Paul Sin believed that blockchain is at the stage of technology convergence with IoT, big data and artificial intelligence! He also explained the 3 challenges for enterprises to implement their own blockchain and various blockchain auditing services offered by Deloitte.

EuropeChain wins Adoption Ambassador at Malta AIBCsummit 19
EuropeChain wins Adoption Ambassador at Malta AI and Blockchain Conference

The World Economic Forum Forms 6 Tech Policy Councils including Blockchain
The World Economic Forum (WEF) launched six different “fourth industrial revolution councils” to help regulators working on the new technology policy guidance. The new technology included artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, blockchain, drones, internet of things and precision medicine, as revealed by Cointelegraph on 29 May.

United States Department of Defense Tests Out Blockchain Technology to Enhance Cybersecurity
The United States Department of Defense (DoD) is considering implementing blockchain technology to enhance its cybersecurity.

Exclusive: Lack of Interdisciplinarity - Culprit for FinTech Talent Shortage
Professor Aris Stouraitis, Department Head of Finance & Decision Sciences at Hong Kong Baptist University shares with us the culprit of FinTech talent shortage! He also highlights how financial institutions, governments, and academic institutions can address this problem.

Racing for Blockchain Patents: PBoC, Alibaba, IBM and more
In part 2 of blockchain patent analysis, we look at the current state of institutional adoption and examine the three key players in this field: PBoC, Alibaba and IBM!

Blockchain Delivers a Glimpse of Future Innovation Today
A brief look at how the energy market and consumers will benefit from blockchain technology in the near future.

Exclusive: Technical VS Fundamental Analysis for Crypto Valuation?
In traditional stock investment, traders perform technical analysis to carry out price forecasts or fundamental analysis to reveal the intrinsic value of the stock. However, which methods should be used for crypto valuation? This is the question most crypto traders care about. We had the opportunity to speak with Clemen Chiang of Spiking, which Clemen revealed his answers in this heated debate!

Bangladesh Sends Graduates Abroad for Blockchain Training with IT Fund
Bangladesh has expressed its intentions to send 100 new graduates for Blockchain training in Japan and India according to reports by Bangladesh’s English-language newspaper The Daily Star on Aug 4.

What are the 2 Key Takeaways in HKU FinTech Africa Conference?
The Fintech in Africa Conference 2019 – Hong Kong is held on 7 May 2019 at the University of Hong Kong. It started from 8:30 to 13:30 in an academic conference room in Cheng Yu Tung Tower at HKU. The conference is not placing emphasis on the blockchain adoption in Africa, rather it’s about the Fintech development, including banking, payments, investments etc.

(Press Release) Malta A.A. & Blockchain Summit expects 5000 visitors
The Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit, in partnership with CC Forum Blockchain, AI & Digital Innovation, expects to welcome more than 5,000 attendees, 400 exhibitors, and 1500 investors through its doors tomorrow, as the blockchain and emerging tech sector focuses its gaze on Malta, the Blockchain Island.

(Press Release) Malta A.I. & Blockchain Awards nominees unveiled
The nominees for the AIBC Awards Dinner, taking place on the first evening of the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit (AIBC) 23rd of May at the Hilton, have been unveiled. The 7 judges of the Awards Dinner had an impressive number of applicants to consider while deciding on the final nominees following the closing of the application on the 7th of May.

(Press Release) Blockchain community open to more regulations to make technology more mainstream
Blockchain community open to more regulations to make technology more mainstream

Weekly Market Snapshot - May 20,2019
Blockchain.News - Market Update - May 20,2019