Majority of American Adults Believe Financial System Favors Powerful Interests, 20% Own Cryptocurrency

Rebeca Moen  Mar 05, 2023 17:53  UTC 09:53

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A recent survey conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by Coinbase has revealed that the majority of American adults believe that the global financial system unfairly favors powerful interests. The online survey, which was conducted in February 2023 and included responses from over 2,000 American adults, found that 80% of respondents felt that the financial system is not fair to all, and that it favors those with powerful interests.

The survey also found that 67% of respondents called for a major overhaul or major changes to the current financial system. The findings suggest that many Americans are dissatisfied with the current system, and believe that it needs to be reformed in order to better serve the needs of ordinary citizens.

Interestingly, despite recent negative news about cryptocurrency and the crypto market, the survey found that 20% of respondents own cryptocurrency, and nearly a third plan to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency in the next year. These numbers have remained consistent over the past year, indicating that recent market turmoil may not have shaken retail investor confidence in crypto in America.

The survey provides important insights into the perception of the global financial system and how it is viewed by United States adults and crypto investors. It highlights the need for major changes to the financial system in order to address concerns about fairness and equality, and suggests that the crypto market is still viewed as a viable investment option by many Americans.

It is worth noting that the survey was commissioned by Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange, which may have influenced the results. However, the findings are consistent with other surveys and studies that have shown a growing dissatisfaction with the current financial system and a growing interest in cryptocurrency as an alternative investment option.

Overall, the survey provides valuable insights into the current state of the financial system and the crypto market, and suggests that major changes are needed in order to address the concerns of ordinary citizens and ensure a more equitable and fair system for all.

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