Shorten the span between Ethereum Hard Forks, Is It Possible?

By Matthew Lam   Apr 16, 2019 1 Min Read

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The issue of implementing more frequent small hard forks had been raised in the latest bi-weekly conference for the Ethereum community coders held on 12 April. This question was raised by Tim Beiko, the meeting’s moderator. Another developer suggests a shorter span between forks by quoting core developer Alexey Akhunov’s view point.

To see the general opinion from the dev, the dev asks if anyone accepts and “open to hard forks as short as three months”. Developer Martin Holst Swende summarized the overall opinion by saying “As long as we’re not tied to large hard forks every three months. So, more like opportunity windows, when things are finished”.

Another developer suggested if the hard fork needs to be finished in the following six months and said that “There are a couple of things we probably need to automate to be able to do that really well”.

The developers pointed out that the topic had been discussed earlier on Ethereum Magicians which is an Ethereum developer forum on the March 15 where Beiko had outlined the advantage and disadvantage of shorter and frequent hard forks.

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