Germany: FinTech Startup Releases Digital Securities on Blockchain

By Doris Mkwaya   Jun 03, 2019 1 Min Read

According to a statement, Cashlink wants to demonstrate the functionality of its own product with a private placement to an existing investors FinLab, Panta Rhei and Deplanis.

In the future, the FinTech startup will also enable other companies to digitize their shares and transfer them via so-called Security Token Offerings (STO), as Michael Duttlinger, co-founder and managing director of Cashlink, explains:

"With issuance of digital equity for venture capital investors, we have shown how startups can easily provide their investors with an additional form of capital: a fully digital investment with a very simplified investment process via indirect, virtual participation."

In early April were Cash Link's partnership with Agora Startup to jointly create a secure ecosystem for digital Securities.

The Berlin startup Bitbond, which is considered as  German Pinoier for the issuance of security tokens, was the first German company to receive a license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to issue digitized securities at Blockchain earlier this year.

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