Articles of the Month – October 2019

By Drishti Bhagat   Nov 04, 2019 1 Min Read

We are proud to present the “Articles of the Month” Awards of October 2019 to 3 unique articles! This is a monthly reward, and selected articles will be awarded 100 contribution points (CP). 


Fernando Sanchez reveals the application of cryptocurrency and blockchain in outer space. He highlights the viability on Earth. It investigates practical applications, particularly through satellite communication, online shopping, and everything in between.  


Nicholas Otieno investigates NASA’s recent interest in launching a new cryptocurrency and the implication this may have on the blockchain industry. He draws upon the parallels between the testing in NASA labs and blockchain technology with the sole purpose of ‘safeguarding' the security and privacy of airline data.  


Alo Kingsley’s article reflects upon the current general interest in Blockchain and Bitcoin futures as well as its future reliability and predictions. He concludes with two public opinions on the short - term speculations, claims, and theories.  


The 3 columnists have claimed an extra 100 CPs for their masterpieces. 

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