BlockShow Asia 2019  

Registration Deadline: Nov 14, 2019 12:00 AM
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BlockShow Development conference is simply a place for all the Blockchain geeks to gather up! While evolving constantly day after day, Decentralized Tech meets new issues, both theoretical and practical, standing in the way of its mass adoption.

Key Speakers:

-       Justin Sun – Founder & CEO of TRON

-       Charlie Shrem – Founding Director of Bitcoin Foundation

-       Zing Yang – Board of Directors of Litecoin Foundation

-       Eddy Travia – Co-founder & CEO of Coinsilium

-       Stanley Yong – Chief Technology Officer of IBM


“BlockShow, the big and successful event in Singapore.”  -- Bitcoin Magazine

“BlockShow, blockchain industry’s most acclaimed conference.” –

“BlockShow becomes first blockchain conference to sell tickets by smart contract.” – The Next Web

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